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Love life! Super star! !Season 2 – Episode 9

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RIP Sunny Passion, we hardly know you. No, really, we barely know these girls – never even get a full musical performance from them, which may be a clear sign that they’ll never be a real match for our main cast. Sure, SunnyPa was the top dog, but they were hit hard by a Super Bowl hangover, and Wayne Margaret stepped in like the Buffalo Icons’ Buffalo Bills to knock them out. Then leave Lila! Busy and anxious, considering they’ve been upstaged by this junior Josh Allen, they’d better cheer up. After all, they are widely considered the Cincinnati Bengals of the campus icon, if they play like that team since the beginning of the season NFL season they are not

to cut it. I mean seriously, lost to the Cowboys? Cooper Rush behind center? I swear Zac Taylor isn’t the head coach, he’s a substitute teacher, if he wastes another year on such a good team, I-

Anyway, the point is Lila! There’s a real challenge now, and that danger has finally stirred up the drama between Keke and Sumire, which has been sidelined since last season. Last time they managed to keep Keke for another year, but now just one national performance could stop her about to be deported. With that comes the now-familiar question of whether rookie first graders are better off sitting in on the upcoming show so as not to drag down their senior women, and things are finally boiling here Superstar The most grumpy duo.

What follows is pretty much everything I asked for- And from what I see from Judging by the amount of yelling to Twitter over the past few days, I’ve been among a lot of elated companies. On the one hand, even in one episode, the conflict manages to show just how far Sumire is from her debut. She was originally the most mercenary among the top five, but slowly but surely she became a member as serious as Lila! Like everyone else, it’s a genius to bring back her initial drive and headgear as a center last season. When Sumire arrogantly insisted on letting the first-year kids sit down to better start her stardom, everyone in the know knew she didn’t mean it. Instead, she tries to play the bad guy for Keke because, just as she doubts her ability to be the center of the preliminaries, she believes the “safer” option is the best option for their success. Only this time, she was not afraid of losing face, but was afraid of losing the person who helped her find her dream back then.

Coco, as far as she is concerned, doesn’t seem to really realize How much that headgear—and all the emotions associated with it—means to a galactic isopod, only to take Sumire’s intervention as a sign that she doesn’t understand what idolatry really means. For her, the whole thrill of being an idol is to encapsulate the joy and sincerity of it all, and she refuses to sully that by burdening others with her own problems. And you know, she’s not completely off base. Knowing that their friends’ continued existence depends on their success, of course, might worry the other girls enough to start destroying their chemistry as a group. It would turn what was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime into a game of cynical minimization of their performances — which is exactly what Sumire reluctantly lobbied in this episode. What she doesn’t get, however, is that Sumire isn’t just meddling because she’s not feeling well – she’s wholeheartedly trying to help Keke achieve her dream, both to reciprocate the support she’s received and to stay with her for as long as possible. .

This is the friend who fleshes out their belligerent A great way to highlight the pros and cons of two girls’ views before the patent orgasm Tearful confessions and hugs. I mean, honestly, as good as that hug is, I do think it’s a little cowardly not to let them kiss. You can’t tell me it’s not what they set up here, visually. If we could have half an episode where everyone thought Mi and Ren were dating, we could honestly kiss with Coco and end up saying “I love you” IMO. Otherwise, it’s the perfect moment for Keke and Sumire to connect in a gentle, extremely effective way, allowing them both to move forward knowing that they can trust their friends — and most importantly, each other — to help them realize their dreams.

Really, my only complaint about this episode is the One year. With so much plot conflict focused on them and it feels like they’re dragging down their superior women, it’s a little disappointing to see them quietly accept the idea of ​​quitting — even if the show itself makes this a moment later choose. Kinako, Mei, Shiki and Natsumi have been putting in the work and earning their place at Liella! I hope they will start to admit it on their own. Maybe it will come after we get into the heat of the competition, but I really hope these girls start to believe in themselves. God knows they’ve weighed more than the Bengals’ O-line over the past two weeks. I mean gosh, shouldn’t they rebuild this lineup? However, Joe Burrow still has more sacks nearer than goddamn anyone, and they haven’t even attempted a deep goal-

Overall, this is a let Will of Superstars – THEY – WON’T – THEY FINALLY CONNECT IN A REAL WAY EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE SHIPPING EQUIPMENT Animals and pandas, it is difficult not to still burst into tears. Score:

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