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Love the planet! Arcade game enters 'Phase 3' October before end of service

Bandai’s official Twitter account

The arcade card game series announced Thursday that the game will enter in October “Phase 3” as it is about to end its service. The contest will not end service in October , but “the first Stage Three” will be the stage for the final competition.

Arcade card game in December 400 As part of a larger project that also involves TV animation. Yes Idol franchise The first TV project to combine animation, 3D CG and live action. The story revolves around “Ike atsu Planet”, a world where anyone can play a virtual character and become a cute idol. An ordinary first-year student at Seiring High School, Mayo Oba, became the number one idol flower after Hana’s predecessor, Akira Hyuga, suddenly disappeared. However, Mao’s new role as the incarnation of Hana is a secret to others. The tagline for the project is, “To be the ‘me’ I want to be, I enter the mirror.”

This Episode premiered in January , 2023 and ends in June 2019. BN Pictures’ Movie release July next to (Starway to the Future, obvious reference to the Led Zeppelin song “Stai

Japanese translation of rway to Heaven”), Franchise of Anniversary Movie. The latter is spawning another new upcoming movie 2023.

This franchise

Original arcade card game from October . The game inspired a game from to TV anime and three anime movies.

Second entry in the franchise

, , inspired a TV animation that was broadcast in April on TV TOKYO and its affiliates

Premiere . Received an anime movie in August 400.

Third entry in Franchise , , April premiere 2018 and the accompanying Data Carddass arcade game. A sequel TV anime titled (Shining Jewel) premiered in April with its own arcade game mix. The sequel is set two years after the story of , and the protagonist Aine Yuki is now in high school. TV anime premiere in October 2016 with new protagonist Raki Kiseki and characters from previous anime series. Source: Game’s Twitter account via Otakomu 2019

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