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Luar Closes New York Fashion Week With 'Futuristic Alien' Beauty and Pam Anderson Brows

Luar designer Raul Lopez brought futuristic beauty to the runway at the fall finale of New York Fashion Week. Backstage at the Faurschou Foundation in Brookyln, hairstylist Evanie Frausto is adding another layer of bumble and bumble bb. The gelled black pointy wig, which looked frozen in place by an icy gust, was prepared ahead of the show. “Raul is the theater,” Frausto said of the founder, a longtime friend. “The collection was very sculptural, with lots of feathers and sequins, so we played around with some of these reflective wind-blown looks that felt a little punk and cool.” In a nod to Lopez’s Dominican Republic roots, Frausto created For a second look, the sides were pulled tight and rolled into what he calls a “stylish auntie” updo.

Photography by Hunter Abrams

“It’s really about Latin culture, it’s about tradition, but now it’s taking on the futuristic style of “,” Repeat the theme, starting with glowing skin, says makeup artist Romero Jennings, “I’m using the new MAC Serumizer, which makes everyone a holographic 3-D glowing alien — aren’t we looking at something in the sky? he asked. “Here they are.” For defined, metallic lips, Jennings used MAC Lip Pencil in Stone with Silver Glitch in The Matrix Eye Shadow, finishing with Iridescent Dazzleglass Gloss in Pleasure Principle.




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