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Lucifer and the Cookie Hammer comics get a spin-off

This November issue of Youth Daily Magazine published on Friday Satoshi Mizukami‘s () Manga titled “Sono Ato no Hero” (later hero) . Ichiri Seto A split page was written and Mizukami oversaw the work.


After the climactic battle, the spin-off follows Mikazuki Shinome. During training, Mikazuki meets a young boy who wants to join a gang and doesn’t believe there are heroes in real life.

Manga-inspired anime premieres July 8 at MBS and TBS on the “Animeism” programming block. Crunchyroll is playing animation, it is also playing English dub .

Shin Ming (, , ) is directing the animation. Original author Mizukami and Yūichirō Momose ( , , ). NAZ is working with the production of Jumondo to animate the series. Hajime Hatakeyama (animation director, ) is a character designer, and Takatsugu Wakabayashi (, ) is composing. Other staff members include Art Director Okawachi Minoru , Araki Ryusuke as color designer, Toshikazu Kuno

as director of photography, and Yuichi Imaizumi as sound director for Sonilude . Koguchi Rina in charge of editing and Konno Yasuyuki in charge of sound effects .

Before the water means that the animation will cover the entire manga “until the end”.

Water(, ) in Junior Newspaper ) magazine April , and in

Finish. JManga once carried the comics, Seven Seas Entertainment later authorized the release of the comics for printing in North America . Crunchyroll also publishes comics digitally. Crunchyroll describes the story of the manga:

Asamiya Yuuhi was an ordinary college student…until one day a lizard appeared and asked him to help save the world. The next thing he knew was that he was given a ring and special powers, as well as an enemy who was stalking him. However, he was saved by Samidale, the girl next door at a critical moment, and he was planning…what kind of thing? ! It’s an unconventional story that mixes mundane life with the uncanny supernatural!

Source: ‘Twitter account, Comic Natalie2010




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