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Lucifer and the Cookie Hammer – Episode 7

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There is a certain amount of stuff in the juvenile battle series that is a long-standing tradition ; Warriors, Treasures, Weapons, Scrolls, etc. From a writer’s point of view, there are many practical reasons: setting a number allows you to set an immediate goal for the story, gives the audience a strong point of reference, keeps you informed of how the plot is going, and brings you to the end Tick ​​a box on the big list of important things to beat important long-term stories. But it could be a gamble, like it only cancels Four times Samurai comes in, and it’s clear that the series jumped to conclusions long before it was meant to be. Still, whenever you hear there’s five, eight, or twelve magic things or whatever, you expect most of the series to be about finding those things out. The former structural rebel, Biscuit Hammer decided to open this week, Then all the remaining beast knights were thrown at us with little warning.

This sounds like it should be a repeat of the previous episode because we Added at least six (twelve if you count their acquaintances) new characters in this episode alone. But it actually works better here because the show itself realizes how simple and easy these introductions are, welcomes a few of them as a laughable joke, and even Yuuhi and Sami don’t want to casually meet the last two The knight is on the street. It deliberately undercuts the expected gravitas of these newcomers, and works much better as a comedic than last week’s more dramatic attempt to introduce Nagumo and Yayoi. Whether this is a narratively wise decision remains to be seen, but for now I’m going to take a slightly successful comedy rather than a failed drama.

Although just because their arrival is fun doesn’t mean that There are a lot of characters. The only notable feature of Owl Knight Akane is, age. Rat Knight Taro and Mantis Knight Hanako seem to have grown up together, but anything else about them is a mystery. We get to spend more time with Hyou the cat rider, but mostly to get to know him as a working adult. He’s also a chubby character in the anime and unsurprisingly loves to eat, but the show doesn’t make any big jokes so I can’t really take it. Combine that with any time he’s around, which means there’s still a cat on screen, so he’s probably my favorite. I also love the duo of Subaru the Cock Knight and Snowdin the Turtle Knight from our middle school. Mainly because Mikazuki was fun to appear with them. I’m not entirely sure he didn’t kidnap them from the school. Yukamichi’s face also gave off a good vibe.

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