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Luis De Javier's New York debut at Heaven and Hell

On Tuesday night, Luis De Javier staged his first New York show at the iconic Angel Orensanz Foundation, a place full of latex and bondage – the show Known for hosting Alexander McQueen’s New York debut and Zac Posen’s debut. Like those before him, De Javier arrived in New York hot and ready to make a name for himself (although the 26 year-old Spanish designer didn’t Not entirely unfamiliar with Spotlight).

Glimpse from the series.

Photo courtesy of Aysia Marotta / Luis De Javier

From the series.

Photo courtesy of Aysia Marotta / Luis De Javier


in this Inside the former synagogue, loud club music, devil’s horns and a heavenly cast of Julia Fox, Gabriette, Lourdes Leon, Alton Mason and Georgia Palmer. De Javier capitalized on the controversial succubus chic aesthetic, revived by Gabbriette and Fox, with all models sporting bleached brows and looks composed of leather, latex and bondage. A devil horn dress and hat by Patti Wilson were part of the looks worn by Leon in a faux leather mini dress and Fox in a denim horn gown.

Julia Fox ended the show.

Photo: Courtesy of Aysia Marotta / Luis De Javier

Knowing Fox and her history of making fashion headlines in denim, it was an easy decision for De Javier to include her in the closing look. He says it’s a fusion of two worlds, including his own: “I wanted to look at Spanish history and culture and American culture, and denim is the most American thing ever,” he said.

The star power of the cast makes this a debut, as does de Javier’s identity and mission. “I wanted to show off my Hispanic heritage and the queer and club culture in this country,” he said. “But I also want to live out my story of coming to America as an immigrant to make a living.”




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