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Luka Doncic hits his wildest shot in EuroBasket win over France

Luka Doncic may not be the best basketball player in the world right now – I would put Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic and Stephen Curry ahead of him , you can argue with your mom at other pivotal moments – but it feels like he’ll be claiming this fabulous title soon. At just 23 years old, Doncic has proven he can put up staggering regular-season numbers, storied playoff performances, and put his team on a slew of postseason success. It’s just in the NBA.

While Doncic was great with the Dallas Mavericks, he was even better in the international game. In 2017, Doncic, 18, took his native Slovenia — a country of just 2.1 million people — to a shocking EuroBasket title before being drafted into the NBA. Now that Doncic and Slovenia are defending their titles at EuroBasket, he’s done something amazing again.

Doncic and Slovenia defeated the mighty France 88-82 on Wednesday. All Doncic did was score 47 points, the second-biggest scoring performance in EuroBasket history. It’s an effort that embodies all the hallmarks of Doncic’s extraordinary greatness, including his trademark another ridiculous shot. For a two-point shot. Considering that Gobert is basically the longest player in the NBA, with a reported wingspan of 7’9. Consider the fact that probably no one else in the world has even tried that shot, let alone succeeded. Consider it happened in one of the greatest games in EuroBasket history and Slovenia got another upset win.

No one in history has been able to pull off a trick like Doncic. The fact that he uses them in real games, and the fact that he uses them in high leverage situations is even more absurd. Here are some of his best compilations. I support this view:

Lu Cards could become the greatest try shit player of all time. His career end for weird and absurd things he tried in real games would be 45 minutes.

– PD Web (@abovethebreak3) September 7, 2022

Watch Luka Doncic highlights: 47 points in EuroBasket vs France

These full highlights are appointment viewing.

There is no one like Luca in the world. The scary thing is, he hasn’t reached his prime yet.

Watching Lucca play on the international stage is very special. This is the next face of basketball greatness.



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