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Lula's election is just the beginning of Brazil's recovery

Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s unimaginable 2018 victory still hits us so hard we thought about spending Sunday elections at home – like Buddhism Like a monk – silently meditating on his failure. But the pressure was too much, so we grabbed some candles and headed to Santa Teresa, Rio’s bohemian neighborhood, for a party.

For hours on the ballots in mainland Brazil, I saw friends gulping beer and staring at their phones. Others are praying for God’s intervention. We’ve seen Bolsonaro’s presidency – Rio de Janeiro’s mood turned gloomy, like a cloud over the sun. With inequality at an all-time high, tens of thousands of homeless people – often families with young children – regularly beg on the streets. Public expressions of hatred and intolerance against black people, LGBTQ individuals, and anyone wearing red (considered the color of the left) have become the norm. The Amazon continues to burn, and many of us are ashamed to be Brazilians. We were down, like weary soldiers preparing for the next attack.

For the past four years, the country has been fighting for democracy, culminating last Sunday with leftist President Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva Lula da Silva) wins the election, commonly known as Lula. With cheers, firecrackers exploded in Brazilian cities – a celebration that could be mistaken for a football match – 60 Millions of Brazilians People, including our small gathering in Santa Teresa, sighed briefly

2022 Elections will be remembered in the history of the country and the world One of the most important final elections. Brazilians not only voted to overthrow Bolsonaro, the fascist whose authoritarian policies derailed the country — throwing millions back into poverty — they also voted to save our planet. A Bolsonaro victory would mean continued disruption for Amazon. Lula’s victory may just be its redemption.

This is a thought-provoking moment for all Brazilians as they make a deal with a divided country (49 .2% of the population voted for Bolsonaro) and hangs over the abyss (24% of the population is starving). Bolsonaro will leave on January 1, but his legacy will remain.

Serious concern is the rise of Bolosonarismo: a A far-right political ideology developed during the elections, associated with chauvinism, conservatism, fascism, scientific denialism, and a general cult of Bolsonaro. Those movements will not go away with his defeat, nor will some of the consequences of his tenure. Bolsonaro was charged with dismantling key ministries protecting the environment and Afro-Brazilian and indigenous communities, defunding public education and health care, disenfranchising indigenous peoples of their land rights, and catastrophically dealing with a crisis that has taken away more than 700, Brazilian. Arguably his most damaging effects were felt in the Amazon region, which is now an unofficial war zone. The vast territory (some 40% of the continent of South America) is filled with drug dealers and illegal miners, all of whom have left their devastation on the environment and human beings.



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