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Lula's government braces for new protests in Brazil

By Ricardo Brito and Anthony Boadle

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil 48 The fledgling government on Wednesday braced for more Protests – Supporters of rightist former President Jair Bolsonaro rampaged through government offices on Sunday, sparking fears of a violent and destructive opposition.

Bolsonaro on social media calls for mass demonstrations in Brazilian cities to “take back power”. And caused enough chaos to prompt a military coup to overthrow an election that Bolsonaro lost. Ricardo Cappelli, the federal official in charge of public safety in the capital since Sunday, said all security forces were on the ground Mobilize to stop the protests and there will be no more riots.

“Those who lose the election and try to create a crisis will not succeed,” Cappelli told a news conference.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes issued an injunction preventing anti-government demonstrators from using barricades to sow economic chaos and ordered local authorities to prevent storming public buildings.

The judge also agreed with the government’s request to impose fines on companies found to have financed demonstrations that blocked public roads or stormed public buildings.

Prosecutors have sought to freeze Bolsonaro’s assets and make an arrest Tuesday, Brasília over the weekend issued arrest warrants for officials in charge of public safety.

Assault on Institutions

Supreme Court, Congress and Oval Office in worst attack on democracy since end of military dictatorship s attack.


leaving Brazil hours before his term ends, has yet to concede defeat to Lula in Octobe he said on social media in Florida , due to medical reasons, he plans to return to Brazil early. A video posted on social media late Tuesday said Lula had lost the vote.

The post disappeared shortly after. The former president, whom Lula accused of instigating the protests, made no mention of Sunday’s unrest. Bolsonaro’s son, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, said he could not be held responsible for the violence because his public comments were very limited.

Morais issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, Anderson Torres, who became Brasilia’s public security chief after Lula took office on January 1.

Torres was out of the city during the riots and flew to Florida earlier this month. He tweeted Tuesday that he kept saying he would return to Brazil from a vacation with his family in Orlando and bring himself to justice.

Moras also ordered the arrest of Fabio Augusto Vieira, the head of Brasilia’s gendarmerie and numerous officials tasked with protecting government buildings in Brasilia One of the officials.

On Tuesday, the federal auditing prosecutor named TCU asked the court to freeze the assets of Bolsonaro and Torres, as well as the former Brasilia Governor Iba assets of Nisrocha, who was sacked by Moras for failing to stop Sunday’s atrocities in the capital.

Authorities restored order in Brasilia on Monday and soldiers dismantled a camp outside army headquarters where Bolsonaro supporters had called for a military coup since Lula won the elections in October. More than 1,000 were arrested and questioned by the police.



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