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Lycoris Recoil ‒ Episode 10

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Last week’s Episodes are definitely a “calm before the storm” type of deal, although say the storm officially kicks off in this week’s entry Prologue, but it still feels like it’s in some kind of transitional state. It’s pretty much the heaviest, most serious one the show has ever done, dutifully moving characters into positions for the upcoming final confrontation (or in the case of Mizuki and Kurumi, almost certainly shuffling them temporarily) , and then they can come back to form a winning team – to the end). It’s also mostly about keeping everyone on the same page as us with the last few key pieces of information that tie all scenarios and settings together. This means that what we’re left with is mostly targeted can’t

rely on its usual lovely charm to support this structure, though This doesn’t necessarily lead to bad TV shows, but it certainly leads to an entry itself that isn’t as effective as some of the other episodes. There’s a lot more worth it Discuss ideas and elements, of course. The core of the exercise here is the official Cheers ending of Cafe LycoReco. This act of saying goodbye is seen as necessary for Qianli herself to come to terms with her impending death, and others who are still dealing with it. There was a simple but poignant line of customers passing by to show their gratitude to the cafe and the thousand miles who worked in it, under their auspices, they hoped to see her again when it reopened, but it was just her. say they effectively attended her funeral while she was still standing. The idea that this fate befalls her also marks a chance for some kind of graduation, where Mika presents her with a coming-of-age kimono and, more importantly, finally tells her the truth about Yoshi, which theoretically frees her from her childishness The ideal has lived before. Extremely personal, The grounded program effectively influenced the episode and the show’s entire story. The presentation definitely showed how much poor Mika was torn apart when she finally had to face his deceit and decision about Chili and let her know, and Chiri’s reaction to it all was pure Chili. Have to wonder how naive this girl really is, she’s the only one in the cast who can’t simply deduce Shinji’s deal, but there’s definitely a sense that it’s a self-imposed denial for her own principles. See, the final conclusion Chiri came to and the narrative here is that regardless of the information she got, the decision was still ultimately made by Chili and she’s grateful that Mika still allowed her to choose her own path if he wasn’t necessarily willing to take it What caused her to need to make a choice in the first place.

This is at all The key to the theme felt by the rest of the episode also has to go back to long neglected elements politics. The Majima’s ultimate goal is not to simply eliminate the DA, but to expose their existence and conspiracy to the wider Japanese public. One thing is that while Majima is a bigoted vicious psychopath, he’s the worst kind of guy you know, and he makes some great points, especially the nationalist social superiority built on the lies of peace. , and was supported by the violent executions of the DA. Anyone is technically in their own best interest. The narrative never stands “on the side” of the DA as a structure, in their own little corner, Cafe LycoReco is, and pitting Majima against the group seems to be firing on both sides of “corrupt order and honest chaos” – At least to make sure we continue to see our main team as the “good guys” in all of this. But it also embodies Qianli’s ideas articulated on a broader level, asking whether the public is still responsible for making the “right” choices, even with intentionally flawed information.

This This idea of ​​political exploration has been the sharpest ingredient in

LycoReco special cocktail, I still don’t know how sticky it is at this point. The moral dilemma that DA exists is the same type of framing installation that has existed since the show began, “conflict” exacerbated by the blunt, comically simple nature of Majima’s plan. While I’ll be honest, I think Americans on either side of the gun control debate can, for undeniably different reasons, find that his unilateral plan to sow chaos in society is simply to distribute guns among the populace, It’s interesting. Having said that, I can see this creating an interesting conflict for Lycoris themselves, now that their clandestine execution skills are put in a situation where their clandestine execution skills are clear rather than the ideal solution (the animation enthusiastically shows that the cops are totally out of it). Damn, if only a super-skilled schoolgirl specializing in non-lethal kills could be brought in; it would be her perfect last job!

certainly, ‘s grand thematic ideas and excellent execution of those themes never precluded it from its warm-hearted action-movie setting Besides, so it’s a very interesting design to see Chisato and Mika heading off for one last roundup with the smiling populace they’ve been working to protect. The initial disaster is related to some other ideas, as Majima makes the argument that people need

experience the tragedy that really happened to truly appreciate any peace they give. Again, it stands out because we see the energy of Takina working at DA only rejuvenated by the time she spent with Chisato and the tragically lost love she now sees. The power of these themes is to keep together this week, no matter how clumsy Its sociopolitical allusions to its setting or confusion are uncertain.


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