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Lycoris Recoil ‒ Episode 12

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While episode 12 has a lot of drama in the traditional sense , my main emotional whiplash comes mostly from trying to judge if this is the last episode or not! My feelings wobbled wildly throughout, from “so they can’t possibly wrap everything in this” to “well, I guess that’s how they get things done” and back to “no, it’s okay, We’ve got more to do!”. This is fitting: after all, the uncertainty of futures is in LycoReco recurring theme) in general, and this episode in particular. We never know what awaits at the next corner, so we can only hope to be happy with what we’ve done before the turn. In the case of this episode, the best-case scenario is that the show doesn’t make a final twist, as just a few dangling lines would be unsatisfying. This could still be the result of next week’s episode, but the way this episode was written gives me more confidence that the series will be able to effectively connect things. Even if I know the back There is one, this episode starts the game. The battle with Majima was resolved before the opening credits appeared, which is already a clue that some narrative satisfaction will be left to follow. It’s a really cool fight, don’t get me wrong. Chisato’s use of Majima’s super hearing to shoot through his ears is a clever tactic and a clever demonstration of the value of her indirect, non-lethal approach to attacking people. She then subdues him with repeated rubber bullet body shots, which returns to her earlier point that her vengeful side likes to inflict hellish damage on her opponents, even without killing them. It’s not a direct attention, but a detail we remember at the moment, conveyed through Qianli’s facial expressions and body language. Normal facial expressions Especially this episode. It’s just that Chisato is doing a ton of work to convey her emotional roller coaster throughout, but Takina isn’t slack either. The desperate anger on her face in the confrontation with Jisong in this episode is a raw example of how personal the conflict is for all involved. Before and after that, you have two girls react emotionally to the ridiculous situation, which Yoshi piles up in order to manipulate Chisato to ultimately achieve what he believes to be a murderous purpose. All of these complex emotions are mixed with a lot of body movement, and the melee with Ji Yu on the cantilever sparks obvious tension, broken by Qianli’s desperate live-fire shot at Yoshi, which is as close to the end as possible. break her. It wasn’t the perfect teamwork that so succinctly overpowered Majima a few minutes ago – it was a chaotic scramble where everyone’s efforts and emotions were bouncing off each other, the direction of the movements and the animations of the characters with their breaking points After all this time has been brought.

Considering the subject LycoReco stretches here, this is what a person will do when it comes to sticking to their principles How far to go, and where the line is drawn relative to the others. Yoshi, despite his self-righteous manipulation, seems to really believe in his view that using your god-given skills to do what they fit is best for the world, and he’s willing to risk his life to make Chisato tacitly agree to this a little. I love the way she turned that sentiment towards him, admonishing him to “waste his life” in this way. It’s a contrast between the value of a “useful” life and the value of a simple life, and given the show’s insistence on all those lovely cafe party times, we all know which side LycoReco is down. Takina ends up in a tragic and hopeless middle ground, willing to kill Yoshi and dig out his heart to prolong the precious life that was born to the one she loves, but that still can’t be Correct decision. Chisato’s life has to be lived the way she wants, which means not killing the way Yoshi wants her to, and not letting Yoshi die so she can continue to live the way Takina wants. Yoshi escape alive is The planned dissatisfaction, followed by a cathartic climax like this, how can the rest of the episode reach the climax of those emotions? Even the characters on the show themselves react to the still-in-progress business with the DA-exposed Lycoris with a casual recollection (“Oh, right, the plot!”), which feels fitting. It has really become a background detail, and since the show is getting ready to wrap up, they can look to fix it in the quickest and easiest way possible. Not that it wasn’t fun; in fact, as a relief from the emotional climax of the first half of the episode, it almost worked. Even though LilyBell’s omen boys are determined to deal with the girls, Chisato and Takina follow Kurumi’s plan and begin to revel in the spookier antics. Chisato’s bellicose chemistry with her ex-Fuki is an interesting feature, as is the idea that the resolution of this life-or-death situation hinges on the impossible task of trying to get the USB drive right on the first try.

All indiscretions will It’s the opposite in terms of tone. Frankly, Kurumi’s cover-up concept of the entire exercise is complete nonsense. I can believe the public is willing to accept a happier lie that this whole thing is a made publicity stunt, but there is still a problem with all these guns among civilians, not to mention the fact that people and Lycoris were shot down in the public eye . With

how LycoReco deals with the broader sociological aspects of its story concept Similarly, this narrative patchwork obscures these elements, while it hastily allowed the DA to persist after the equivalent of managing misunderstandings. This has been a key frustration in this series and I don’t expect them to do more with this episode, but at least it’s another reason why getting an extra episode after this is so popular; let It would be a disappointing rote for us to stay in “this is going to be like it never happened”. But even in its obsolete shortcomings, I’ve always known where my real strengths lie, so I’m very grateful to Ben Zhou is about to end another suspense. As with the show’s structure, Mashima’s return at the end is an excellent use of a reflective style of writing, and his addition echoes Takina’s triumphant entry in the previous episode. The return of the lost bag (along with the keychain Takina gave her, which she’s eager to show off) even helps cement the bond! This score needs to be worked out, watching the pain of Chisato and Takina being quarantined again – that’s what the show knows we’re here for and will be back at least once.


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