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Lycoris Recoil anime hits stage in January

DirectorShingo Adachi The stage play of the original TV animation will be staged at Tennozu Galaxy Theater in Tokyo on January 7th-, 2023.

    Cast includes:

  • Misato Kawauchi as Chisato Nishiki
      Sakiho Motonishi

    as Takina Inoue

  • Mikako Ishii as Mizuki Nakahara

      Nonoka О̄buchi as Kurumi Keigo Kitamura as Mika Natsuki Mieda as Kusunoki Marina Tanoue as Fuki Harukawa Sakura Ayaki as Sakura Otome
      Anna Ijiri as Erika Janome

    Kento Ono as Shinji Yoshimatsu Himeka Araya as Himegama Rintar®̄ Takeuchi as Robota Hiroki Nakada as Majima

Akira Yamazaki is directing the show. Yо̄ Hosaka is writing the script.

    The animation premiered on July 2nd. Crunchyroll streamed anime aired in Japan, it also streamed in English Dub . Crunchyroll Description anime: In these peaceful days — there is a secret behind it all.

      A secret organization to prevent crime: “DA – Direct Attack”. And their group of all-female agents: the “Lycoris”. Such a peaceful daily life depends on these girls. Elite Chisato Nishikigi is the most powerful Lycoris agent ever. Next to it is Takina Inoue, the talented but enigmatic Lycoris. They work together at one of their branches, Café LycoReco.

        Here, this cafe takes orders ranging from coffee and desserts to childcare, shopping, teaching Japanese to international students and many more. This is mainly a task that is not suitable for Lycoris.

          Free-spirited and optimistic pacifist Qianli. And the calm and efficient Takina. This mismatched duo embarks on a chaotic routine!

            anime is Adachi’s directorial debut. Before this animation, Adachi was the character designer and Chief Animation Director and (work!!). Imigimuru () designed the TV anime, and A-1 Pictures made the item. Author Asaura drafted this story. Kimika Onai (Nogizaka15, Sakurazaka46 Outfit) Design the character’s uniform.

              ClariS sang the opening theme song “ALIVE ” and Sayuri sang the ending theme “Hana no Tō” (Tower of Flowers).

              resource : Manga Natalie




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