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Maaya Sakamoto performs the ending theme for the Hikari no Ō Fantasy TV anime

Riko Hinata’s TV anime official website and of Akihiro Yamada ( The Firecatcher Lord) fantasy novel series announced Friday that Maaya Sakamoto will be singing the ending theme “Mada Tōku ni Iru” (You Are Far Away) Anime . Anime series to premiere in January 10 exist10: 10 Afternoon (8:16 am EST) on Premium Subscription TV Channel WOWOW. The channel will air the first episode of the anime for free in Japan. Anime actors include:

Misaki Kuno as Tōko

  • Masahiro Ishishita as Kōshi
  • Maaya Sakamoto as Akira Yoshimasa Hosoya as Roroku Saori Hayami as Kira

    • Megumi Yamaguchi as Hinako

    Anime staff recently announced 10 More cast members of the series. Junji Nishimura (, , , ) is Signal.MD (, , ) , Mamoru Oshii (, , , , ) supervised and wrote the script. This novel series takes place in the chaotic aftermath of humanity’s apocalyptic apocalyptic war. A large forest, full of burning creatures and other depraved beasts, covers the entire world, and small groups of people live in small, protected communities. Thanks to a special weapon used in The Last War, humans spontaneously combust even just by being near a small fire. The only safe source of energy for human beings is in the flames, and the task of hunting them falls to the scythe-wielding fire catchers who venture into the depths of the great forest. Among the Firecatchers they whisper that there is one who will be the “Firecatcher Lord” who will be able to harvest the flames of the Millennium Comet, the “Wandering Spark” that has been flying through the skies since it was sent aloft at the end before the war, but is now returning to Earth. The story begins with Toko, a young girl from the land of paper making, who finds herself in the Forbidden Forest, caught in flames, When the flame catcher rushed to protect her. In another, a young capital-born boy named Kōshi shelters his younger sister after his mother dies from factory poison. Hinata released the first book in the series in December 450, illustrated by illustrator and Character designer Akihiro Yamada . Hinata published the fourth book in the series, 2018 on September 3, followed by the Narration volume in December 14, 2021. Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie



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