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MacBook Air M1 screen cracks for no apparent reason


I bought a MacBook 6 months ago Air M1 and screen cracked for no reason. I put the computer on the table at night, and the next day I turned it on and there were two small cracks on the right side of the screen, which damaged the function of the screen. I contacted an authorized apple center and it told me that the apple warranty doesn’t cover it because it’s a contact point crack; as if I left something the size of a rice grain between the screen and the keyboard…which is ridiculous because my There was nothing like that on the table and the computer shut down normally as usual and didn’t move all night. More frustrating than the price to fix it is that Apple doesn’t trust its customers.

I was wondering if anyone had the same problem or if it was due to a design flaw, I have several Mac products and never had a similar problem , my last Mac was 10 years old with no issues.

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question: MacBook Air M1 screen cracks for no reason




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