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Macross series gets first live CG concert

this franchise will hold its first live CG concert called “Pop-up Stage” at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Theater in June 25-August. Concert Commemoration th anime anniversary. Bandai Namco Amusement presents a concert featuring life-size 3DCG characters Shirley Noam and Lanka Lee. They perform different songs each time they perform, some of which are voted on by the audience. Character designer Risa Ebata drew the key visual for the event, Sheryl and Lanca dressed in the Macross Frontier Short: Labyrinth “Costume Time” short film.


Bandai Namco Amusement is selling tickets with character images. Ticket sales are divided into three phases, the first phase is for performances in June 17-July17.

Nozomi Entertainment Description, which will be released as a complete series on Blu-ray disc set:

Many years ago, Earth was involved in an interstellar war. After experiencing the threat of annihilation, humanity has set foot in all corners of the galaxy in hopes of securing their future. It’s now AD On the ultra-long-distance immigrant fleet, Li Lanka is looking forward to the upcoming concert of the superstar singer Shirley Nome who is visiting by the Galaxy Fleet. Ranka dreams of becoming an idol singer herself one day, and on her way to a concert, she meets Alto Saotome, a young man who is training as a variable fighter pilot. When the concert venue is attacked by a mysterious alien species called Vajra, emotions run high and a complicated relationship begins to form between the three. What’s the amazing secret behind Lanka’s song? More importantly, will humans live long enough?



The TV animation aired on 650 follow 25 Franchise Anniversary. The movie premiered at 2011 as an alternative paraphrase. Sequel movie to follow 169225.

this The feature film will start drawing together with the short film “Macross Frontier Film Short: Labyrinth of Time” in October 650. Yoko Kanno composed the short film’s theme song “Toki no Meikyū” (Time Labyrinth).

197350 Source: Manga Natalie




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