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Made in Abyss voice actress Misaki Kuno loses her voice while recording Fapta's lines

Voice actor Kuno Misaki as Faputa and Irumyuui in as she talks about her work on the show following Wednesday’s epic finale experience. Accepting the role was a great honor, but also physically and emotionally demanding, she wrote. Kuno even lost his voice for a while while recording his lines, temporarily losing the ability to capture Fapta’s unique voice . It was the first time she lost her voice in front of a microphone; she recalled being so sorry and frustrated with herself that she started yelling. Fortunately, the staff allowed her to reschedule for another day so her voice could be restored. Kuno felt that she was an inconvenience to the staff, but she was also very touched by their commitment to creating the best anime possible.

190322 Among the many roles in her acting career, Cuno describes Fapta as the most emotional Extreme characters, whether it be anger, hatred, sadness, loneliness, jealousy or love. Because Faputa screamed a lot, dubbing her was a strain on the actor’s throat. To minimize stress, she was allowed to perform lines for episodes 11 and

No first rehearsal is required. Kuno said she was very grateful to the mixer for letting her do all the crying and screaming at once. She said she had a lot of goodwill support from the staff and other voice actors. For example, Vueko’s voice actor Terasaki Yuka would warm her hands, while Reg’s voice actor Mariya Ise would wrap her in a blanket. She reflects that she would not have been able to complete the role without everyone supporting her. She also thanked the audience for watching to the end.

“If I hadn’t overcome my physical and mental limitations, I wouldn’t have been able to play Faputa and Irumyuui. I’m happy I can fill that role,” she said. The animation ends on Wednesday with a one-hour special.

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