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Made in the Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun ‒ Episode 11

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Living in the abyss, so far away What means? Obviously, we’ve seen what people are willing to do to survive, but while Hollow Village gives us a very strange approximation of a functioning society, its essence is something that exists outside of nature. So far, the abyss The rest has been ruled by it. There are Ozen and other underground invaders on the second level of the Seeker’s Camp, I suppose, but even then their humble abodes are little more than a stopgap between the “real” world and the real wilderness of the Abyss. Bondrewd also has his lab, but it’s debatable whether he’s actually “alive” during this horrific stage of metamorphosis.

So, here we are, just one episode (and two miserable weeks) away from this amazing at the end of season 2, I have to ask again: ALIVE meaning), in a world so hostile, so cruel, so obsessed with consuming every bite of food you have to give? Faputa hasn’t quite figured it out yet, but depending on what’s going on in “value,” there’s no doubt she’ll find out one way or another.

I’ve been talking about the show’s rich themes and amazing Payback, lately, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m not thinking about the damn incredible either This season has reached a level of pure spectacle. The Golden City of the Sun The first half may not be full Moments that push the show’s direction and animation to the limit, but the production crew has been pulling it all in, and then since the climax of this year’s story began to take shape a few weeks ago. While editing and choreography are not very like gob was like last week, which is hardly a damn thing because the carnage that Faputa handled (and received) this week is still appalling. Kevin Penkin also continued its white-hot streak, and I wouldn’t even get mad if anyone thought the last two episodes were basically the best and most labor-intensive AMV once made. However, I cannot stress enough

for its characters and themes, even though Fapta’s Anger scenes have been pushed front and center. It’s not just some raucous light show. Worth is a living, bloody chronicle of all the anger, sadness and loneliness that Fapta has been forced to endure over the last half century, and a moving, empathetic witness to every moment of the abyss The pain that every explorer must endure.

Misaki Kuno Make sure we don’t just hear all the pain; we feel it.

Her pain is not limited to physical pain either. As Nanachi rolls around with Belaf, full of fiery purpose, she allows the dying dragon’s final act: giving Faputa the same olfactory memory he gave Nanachi, and all the past love and hope of Irumyuui almost shattering the immortal Princess. Before, Fapta was just the burning fire of her mother’s anger and indignation, but Irumyuui is more than just her pain, even now, decades later, she still has so much warmth to give to her greatest treasure, A last blessing from a mother for a poor girl who has not yet fully fulfilled her dying wishes. Even though the walls of the village fell and the beasts of the abyss ripped her to shreds, Fapta’s greatest pain wasn’t the teeth tearing through her flesh and bones. In its place is the fading light of life from Gabe’s crushed body, and the lack of recognition in her prince’s eyes. It came from the sudden and broken realization that in the fire and ruins of this terrible pit, she was forgotten, that she was alone.

but it doesn’t There are like this. Wazukyan, Bondrewd, and who knows how many others have fulfilled their mission as their sole purpose, so that everything – and everyone – is just a means to an end. They chose to brave the abyss alone, and we can clearly see how that affected them. Faputa need not succumb to merely exist as an instrument of her dying mother’s vengeful will. Bellaff, Gabe and Reg have been trying to make her see that Fapta


forge another path for yourself. When the villagers willingly gave their bodies and lives to bring their princess back to life, they were telling her that she had to because her worth was not determined by fate, or by her beloved friends or It was decided by the whim of the monster she hated. not that simple. It will hurt. But Fapta had to make a choice.

This is the cruelest lesson of the abyss, but also the most important: you will never fight alone. If you have the cunning of a mad prophet, you may last a long time, even hundreds of years, to be sure. You may discover sights so unbelievable and terrifying that they will change and change you forever. You can make it go farther and deeper than anyone can imagine. You may survive the abyss, but if you have nothing to lose, then there is no point in surviving, and if you can’t open your heart to all the joys, losses, pains, and triumphs that come from trust, then losing is a worthless Concept with your other heart. Surviving in solitude may be possible, but no one can really live on their own.


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