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Made in the Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun ‒ Episodes 9-10

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Over a week ago my wife and I lost one of our dearest feline friends . It was so sudden. We didn’t even know he was sick until it was too late for us to do anything. He’s only ten years old, and I know that’s a wonderful and long life for a cat, but the fact that it doesn’t make losing him any less of a pain. At 11am, the vet in the animal emergency room told us that he probably had 12 to 24 hours to live and that he would end his life in agony and euthanize unless we chose to. We only have the last few hours to hug him and say goodbye. Those were the worst days, but we couldn’t let our friends suffer. So, we have to make a choice. In the abyss, finally from Wake up in Bellaph’s fog feeling memory dream (or smell – Memory, har har) Nanachi is told that in order to leave the prison and rejoin their friends before Hollow Village is destroyed, they must say goodbye to Mitty again. Of course, it’s a pain, and this Mitty Appears in a time when her body was permanently scarred by Bondrewd’s most brutal experiments. Mitty sits in her little pot and looks almost happy, a trick Nanachi knows they’re gullible. All they want to do is grab their friends, their treasure , but they’ve been down this road before. They know it’s not right for Mitty to live the wrong life for eternity , spent eternity trapped in a meat cage and indecipherable screams. However, something made within the confines of the village cannot exist outside of it, if Nanachi wants their friends to do the right thing – all their friends – they have to get out of that veil and into a world Mitty can’t enter. Nanachi had to make a choice. You can imagine, then, What a wreck I am before “All You Gather” even makes its way to its title screen. To make matters worse, I can’t even go crazy exist because I turned me into a crying wreck and lost Mitty for the second time, because that’s exactly the lesson Nanachi (and I) need to learn. Goodbye is hard. Goodbye hurt . Losing a friend creates a void in your heart that will never be filled again. As Bellaff reminds us, hurt is important . Pain doesn’t define you, but it does become an integral part of you, all the same. Memories of your lost love are both scars and imprints that determine who you were, who you are now, and who you must be once you start moving forward. And you must continue go ahead. Every new step taken , a foot further, a layer deeper, and each is a positive choice you have to make. You have to choose to carry not only all your joys and hurts, but everyone’s memories and everything that can’t be with you, and all the weight they lack right now. Everything you collect is your value. I am not sure about these “choices” The concept of very fascinated and “will” has been integrated into the golden city of the sun

, This season is somehow surpassing the first of the series, which seems impossible. Over the past ten episodes, we’ve seen characters like Vueko and Faputa, who have always had their own agency and the ability to choose their own path, stripped of their torturers and prophets and the pure, brutal power of the Abyss. We’ve learned about the inhabitants of Hollow Village who, for all intents and purposes, sacrificed their ability to forge their way through the abyss in exchange for a sedentary presence of eternal hedonism. Wazukyan is a man who bears the fate of an entire community to satisfy the agonizing nostalgia that still compels him, leading them all to a place of ruthless, abject misery, and even 20Years later. Except for the main Decisions aside, Riko has managed to skate through this adventure while largely avoiding the life-changing decisions that have defined all of her companions (her limbs and organs are still intact, after all), despite the fact that people One can only imagine how long her reckless confidence will protect her from the whims of the abyss and its inhabitants. Reg finds himself in a situation where the void’s fate may depend entirely on fighting a friend he doesn’t even know about until her teeth rip through his flesh, but he’s kind-hearted and he keeps guessing what he’s doing. The ability to choose hard and pull the trigger. Wazukyan must have a sermon somewhere in his back pocket that tells exactly what happens to those who let kindness guide them, deep down. Then Faputa, owned by Irumyuui The scorching sun of pure vengeance unleashed on her other self-styled “children”. The princess’ indignation in “The Return” is already one of the most cathartic and horrific moments in the entire series, but not in “All You Gather,” one of the most confident and masterfully produced spectacles. Angry bloodletting I’ve seen in any medium. Animation front obscene yes Heavy, and gritty, unstoppable. The transition between today’s carnage and the sweet flashback of Faputa and Reg’s first meeting is flawless. I don’t know if I can say that Kevin Penkin has never been better, but that’s only because it’s consistently one of the best anime soundtracks of all time, because from the opening lines of the series premiere, Homecoming and “All You” Gather” still managed Provides great repertoire. If this is just an extremely delicate and interesting question, will be a clear season standout, bar none. What elevates The Golden City of the Sun Entering the realm of mastery is how each gorgeously animated frame and each pitch-perfect note work harmoniously to serve the deeper themes of the story. Its themes are so sharply honed and its storytelling is so perfect that it conjures up The audience response it asked for, I was really in awe is capable at this point. Faputa’s anger is not just looking something; you feel She built a home for a cannibal village for the pain her mother endured, their bodies hollowed out and desecrated. You feel her love for the boy who becomes her prince, only to forget everything about her and give up what she has sought to achieve since the day she was born. You feel the confusion and betrayal in her voice when she reveals that she is the one who sent Pushka to the village, because she can hear the whistle’s pain and can’t understand how Riko can ignore its plight. This is not about Fapta Should there be revenge, or if villagers like Maa and Moogie deserve to be rescued. It’s not even about whether Wazukyan should be punished for what he did to Vueko, Irumyuui and all those doomed kids. Of course there is right and wrong, and while I know exactly where I stand on all of these issues (and I’m sure you all know), the abyss is not where morality is laid. It’s an awesome place and a scary place, no doubt about whatever its kids deserve or don’t deserve. Faputa must choose whether her mother’s revenge is worth all this destruction. Reg has to choose whether he can give up his life for the path he’s taking now. Wazukyan had to make a choice to find out if a home was worth destroying a hundred innocent lives, and he has not apologized since. Nanachi had to choose to say goodbye to her dearest baby, hug her and kill her with dignity and love, even though they don’t know if they have the strength to make that choice again. In the abyss, only your Will, there are only steps you choose to take. Right or wrong, you must own the path forward that you created, and you must collect and hold whatever blessings and curses you find. Otherwise, the Abyss will choose for you, and it will make the same choice every time, without fail: Oblivion. Score:



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