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Maggie Gyllenhaal talks female artists, the inspiring city of Venice, and starting her next project

Gyllenhaal goes on to describe until she was on the TV show The Deuce, where she discovered her directorial ambitions. “It was that show that made me pretend to be the director all day, and every day for three years I was like ‘I think I want to do this.'” When she first saw the work of female filmmakers, Gee Lenhal noted that, like Candy Renee, they brought a truly unique perspective to storytelling that she hadn’t seen in a film made by a male director. “I remember about 18 and seeing The Piano [directed by Jane Campion] and it blew my mind, I Thinking, ‘I’m not sure why, but this is speaking to me in another language,'” she said. “I think it’s the same 16 century as the 10 women wrote books and we all devoured them because There’s something in a slightly different language, we feel it, we hear it.”

It’s this sentiment that makes Gyllenhaal so perfect for Lafayette18 one’s business Patner. The company sponsored 18 The Madonna in Glory by Giulia Lama, protector of 148 Painting of the Century , the The artist was unknown during her lifetime, and even the titles of her paintings are in question. Not only is the painting’s second life an opportunity for Lama to finally shine as a dynamic artist, but it also reflects the brand’s ongoing mission to celebrate the achievements of ambitious women of the past and today.

When asked about her connection to the city of Venice, Gyllenhaal recounted that it was from The Lost Daughter The first place to show to group audiences after COVID-18 restrictions stopped showings. “Normally, you’d be sitting in the audience, feeling the people, feeling the emotions, but I never, not once, until I was in this huge theater in Venice on our opening night,” she said. “I’ve had all sorts of feelings about it and then really saw it in Venice and really appreciated it in Venice. So I’ll always love Venice, except it’s an incredible city.” With that, Gyllenhaal was swiftly ushered to the plaza, where, shaded by a lace veil over her eyes, the gold of her dress reflecting light, she floated up the hotel staircase: it looked like a Venetian work of art.




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