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Magic Destroyer ‒ Episode 9

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I’m just laying out the latest general premise Joint so I can confirm that you all watch the same show I watch and I’m not just having some kind of exhaustion fever dream: In “Love Is a Nightmare” the gang spends an entire episode with some Cannibalism fights/kills and incests underage siblings as a distorted disembodied head in classical Japanese style yokai . Also, at one point, after Pink and Blue were taking those performance-enhancing drugs that Dr. Chogo made in episode 5, the girls decided to transplant their brother’s head onto the body of a ridiculously plump inflatable sex doll. Of course, it’s Before the climactic action scene, the previously mute sister declares her insane love for her possibly pedophile brother and fuses with his head to become a truly disgusting spider creature (the sister later shares with made out before) her skull was shattered by the Slayer’s umbrella).

um, yes,

Definitely normal, ben Week. On the positive side, This show is at its best when it’s going crazy and making its id crazy. If nothing else, this is a more interesting adventure otaku than last week’s more introspective mixed results hero. This week our main characters take a back seat with Anarchy so Blue and Pink can take the spotlight and deal with the very…unusual situation the gang finds themselves in. That mostly means the plot slows down, but the amount of paced jokes and liveliness of the action is up, and I’m all for it. On the one hand, I still I don’t know if I can say that the production of this drama is good-looking. In this regard, “LOVE IS NIGHTMARE” definitely feels Well done, the show’s limited resources combined with imaginative storyboards and a grotesque tone, can handle even the craziest clown show Good times are everywhere. These jokes are also recurring this week, which either shows that the writing is correct compared to previous episodes, or is just further proof that is causing permanent brain damage to me. Either way, I’m laughing a lot at what I see here, though I can’t tell you for sure if it’s out of entertainment, shock, or out of a sense of sheer, infinite stupidity unfolding before my eyes Reluctant respect. Honestly, probably a combination of all three. And, that’s it We are all on the same page,

world Definitely a simulation, right? Or, if not, some kind of purgatory, or an alternate dimension, or a dream world before death
otaku The hero survived before his brain finally boiled? I’m sure a lot of us have been wondering this for a long time, and now, with the generally insane and irrational nature of the whole scene and story (plus all the hints in ED), we’re getting the balance. More clues this week . Not only does the TV Head Guy seem shocked when the incestuous sibling seems to gain “consciousness,” but there’s also a creepy shot of Blue’s lifeless, still eyes towards the end of the episode. But one thing is for sure: There are some plans. I’m curious to see if (and how) they end up paying off. Rating: is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. James is a writer with a lot of thoughts and feelings about anime and other pop culture, which can also be found on Twitter, his blog and podcast.



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