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Magic Destroyer – Episode 12

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Magic Destroyer?

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magical-destroyers-eps-12.png©Magic Breaker Committee… So, that’s it? Well, crap. Given has been a Ambitious, messy, over-the-top animated original stories with little concern for traditional standards of “logic” or “coherence” always run the risk of a less than satisfying ending, but Man , it’s still frustrating It stings that the series ended up like this… whatever “what you like, how much you like” really is. This is not a scary The ending, I suppose, because it doesn’t actively betray the characters and core themes of the series, but that’s mostly because almost none There are any characters or core themes to betray at this point. Instead, it just races toward an unsatisfying conclusion and then just…stops. On a purely mechanical level “What happened to whoever, when, for whatever reason”, I guess this episode Technically

makes sense. Otaku The hero allows himself to be killed so that his memory may live on in the hearts of his former companions and followers. The power of books in this world is too great, and otaku The hero knew he couldn’t win the fight by normal means, so I guess he decided to become a martyr so that other future heroes in the future could carry his mantle , which is a better way to choose. Sure enough, at the end of this episode, the otaku Hero Two and his henchmen are battling a rejuvenated trio, and while Chopin is outraged that something entirely out of his script could happen, Origin Seems pretty excited about this otherwise boring vision Shobon’s otaku Liberal Utopia can be shaken up a bit. The problem is, on an emotional level Above all, these can feel unsatisfying or unattractive. The nature of Shobon’s virtual world means we don’t yet know the extent to which these characters are real/sentient/autonomous, even if we do cast doubt on the show and assume all characters have full control How should we treat their thoughts and desires otaku The hero’s sacrifice, or the girls’ hellish transformation into Shobon’s puppets? Sure, if the show had a second season that could continue these dangling threads, it might make a difference, but so far? It’s not even an ending; it’s more of a casual shrug to the audience saying, “Yeah, I think the show is over now, anyway.” As for what I even wanted to say Otaku culture, fandom toxicity, anime tropes, etc.? I have absolutely no idea. I want to like this anime, and even though it becomes clear as the seasons go on that it’s going to be a “mess” rather than a “masterpiece,” I still hold onto the fact that it sticks and lands at least as a fun and satisfying experience in the end. Unless we take another season to properly end this half-baked and half-hearted story, I think we’ll just have to throw was thrown in the trash along with other anime originals that could have been great but ultimately fell short. Rating: is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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