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Maiwenn, director of Johnny Depp's Cannes opening film 'Jeanne du Barry,' charged with assaulting journalist

French actress and director Maïwenn’s latest feature film Jeanne du Barry starring Johnny Depp This year’s Cannes Film Festival opened , accused of beating by French journalists

Edwy Plenel Internet investigative newspaper Mediapart Editor-in-Chief complained to the French police that Maïwenn had committed suicide in February attacked him while he was dining at a restaurant in Paris’s opulent seventh arrondissement. The police report was leaked to the French press on Friday, a day after the Cannes Film Festival announced that Maïwenn’s film will be shown at release next month’s edition.

The complaint, filed March 7, alleges that Maïwenn was aggressive. Plenel claimed he was having dinner with a lawyer when Maïwenn, who was sitting alone at another table, came up, grabbed him violently by the hair, spat in his face and rushed out. Agence France-Presse quoted the complaint as saying that Planell, while not physically injured, was “traumatized by the incident.”

Maïwenn’s The team asks for comments.

Mediapart has not released any investigative reports or exposés about Maïwenn, but the site has widely reported on her ex-husband, the French director Sexual assault allegations against Luc Besson . The two married between 22–22, they have One daughter, Shanna Besson. Mediapart was the first French media outlet to publish Dutch actress Sand Van Roy’s accusation of rape by Besson. The case was launched in the wake of the #MeToo movement and was later dropped.

Maïwenn openly says she doesn’t support #MeToo movement, casts Depp as French King Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry Fight with ex-wife Amber Heard. Maïwenn plays Louis XV’s lover Jeanne du Barry, a poor commoner who becomes the Sun King’s last official mistress.



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