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Make a bonfire in another world with my ridiculous technology ‒ Episode 10

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Using my ridiculous skills to make a bonfire in another world?

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screenshot_20230315_102240_firefox©Ren Eguchi, Overlap/MAPPA/Tondemo Skill This week’s episode Campfire Cooking ‘s title amuses me is “My kin is too powerful!” as if it’s a bold and fresh observation that Mukheda has only now begun to understand . The whole gimmick of the show, aside from the whole “amazing Amazonian cooking,” is that our hapless hero has straddled two of the most ridiculously overpowered monster friends he could have asked for in place of the usual human party members. Fel is more or less a god incarnate, and I’m pretty sure Sui should be classified as a WMD. Her pew-pews could also be bunker busters. Hell, every one of the group’s daily adventures would make a great thrash metal album title: “Goblin Genocide,” “Cow Massacre,” or “A Thousand Poor Corpses Pile Up for Us to Eat.” screenshot_20230315_102240_firefox screenshot_20230315_102240_firefox Sorry, I forgot myself; the correct title is actually “Goblin Genocide …Brought to You By Pepsi-Cola™” because of this episode of Campfire Cooking Clearly, selling out isn’t a problem when you have the effervescent power of Pepsi™! I was quite surprised to see a real-world brand name appear in the anime, as I’m used to people munching on Tominoes pizza slices and swigging bottles of Crepsi while surfing the internet on their Woogle phones. I’m also not too mad at the cheeky product placement, as it managed to make me chuckle at the Fel hiccup storm. what can I say? Sometimes I’m a snobby elitist who wants nothing more than perfection from my animated masterpiece, and sometimes I want to chuckle because that funny talking dog hiccups me and embarrasses me. I have many people. As far as cooking goes, I have to admit I’m a little bit overwhelmed this week, though not For lack of tasty recipes. Just the standout meal of this episode was…steak. Like, just a regular grilled steak with some steak sauce on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pretend I don’t want to eat every delicious morsel of that horned cow – anyway – especially considering the animation details of that sequence are so ridiculous, my god – but make the cooking of the steak And eating becomes so much fun, there’s nothing you can do about it. You simply season and grill the meat, and it’s ready to eat. On the plus side, the other goddesses – Kisharle, Agni and Rusalka – finally made a proper appearance outside the small omake shorts at the end of the episode. They’re not particularly funny or interesting characters, but Campfire Cooking have been desperately needing something changes its usual routine and even hears some new sounds outside of the usual three. At this point, I’m going to resort to whatever cheap trick we can get our hands on. All in all though not the best episode We have seen Campfire Cooking , it feels more exciting than last week Disappointed performance has improved slightly. There are only a few weeks left in the season, so I’m hoping we’ll at least get some cool new recipes for me to add to my repertoire. Pro tip: that banbanji Super easy to make from the week ahead and delicious since everyone is out. If you try any recipe from this show, make that one. I will definitely be adding this to my permanent rotation. Rating: screenshot_20230315_102240_firefoxscreenshot_20230315_102240_firefox is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


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