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Make a bonfire in another world with my ridiculous technology ‒ Episode 4

What do you think of Episode 4 of

Campfire Cooking in Another A world with my absurd skills?

Community Score: 3.9

campfire-cooking-4©Ren Eguchi, Overlap/MAPPA/Tondemo Skill

As powerful as Fel may seem, we all know that Mukohda will eventually have to learn to fend for himself and level up. Since this is one of those worlds that inexplicably works within the magically imposed structure of normal MMORPGs, Mukohda’s need to “level up” is both metaphorical and Very straightforward. Luckily, being good friends with a sentient, magically blessed wolf god has its perks, including access to handy new spells to attack enemies. Mukohda may not be interested in flame-roasting anything that hasn’t been butchered and roasted, but if he wants to earn Fel’s respect, he’ll have to learn how to roast some goblins (and, you know, avoid a horribly painful death). campfire-cooking-4 campfire-cooking-4 I won’t pretend Mukohda’s short warrior training story here is very exciting Or the animation is fine — after all, he’s using the most basic ass spells on lowly trash creatures — but it’s good to know that Mukohda will have to work his butt off and grow into the hero of the genre’s RPG. My favorite powerful ability of this character is “Start Command Magic Amazon.com” doesn’t make him an omnipotent god or anything. He still has to be able to cook, shop responsibly, and manage his resources; most importantly , when navigating the real world, he has all the hurdles to jump over and secrets to keep because I don’t think he’s wrong and Phil’s in thinking that his life would be dangerously complicated if people found out to the extent that he Ability. campfire-cooking-4 The point is Another World’s Campfire Cooking is smart about how to ground the main character as much as possible, There are always some level the stakes and tension our heroes have to deal with, even if we get episodes like this almost completely devoid of plot or consequences. Of course, Mukohda Almost got the goblin’s acquiescence, but we knew Fel would step in and intervene. As usual, this episode was Interesting about finding out what food the couple likes. “Can’t Start a Journey Without a Map” is very useful in this regard. Interesting that Mukohda is so reliant on cheap takeout thanks to Fel’s “training” (I’m basically on the same thread Aboard, we’ve been relying heavily on Grubhub and Uber Eats at home lately). That said, having Mukohda explain the culinary dos and don’ts of a full meal is always more fun than a bunch of beanbag dim sum and some basic tonkatsu. campfire-cooking-4 campfire-cooking-4 Oh, I guess it has something to do with the map too? Honestly, if this show fails me, it’s because Whenever Mukohda interacts with any character, I can’t be bothered to care about it other than his lovable adventure party or his big dumb wolf. I had to rewatch the scene where Mukohda goes to get a map from those sketchy bar-dwellers multiple times, Because I can’t stop my mind from wandering. I know that cute little end credits sketch has that little slime guy happening to our hero, presumably joining the party, and while I’m sure he’ll be cute, I desperately wish our main character had another interesting people/monsters / Chat casually. campfire-cooking-4

Maybe Fenrir, the goddess Phil keeps talking about, will show up sooner or later and the foreshadowing we got this week is any indication (plus, she’s OP everywhere, so that’s basically a guarantee). Either way, it’s another lovely episode, even if it feels lighthearted in its substance. If nothing else, I have at least a dozen excellent new screenshots of Fel to meme, which counts as a win in my book. Rating: campfire-cooking-4 campfire-cooking-4 James is A writer with a lot of thoughts and ideas about anime and other popular culture, also available on Twitter, his blog and podcast.



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