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Make a bonfire in another world with my ridiculous technology ‒ Episode 6

What do you think of episode 6 of of

Campfire Cooking in Another world with my ridiculous skills?

Community Rating: 4.1
©Ren Eguchi Overlap/MAPPA/Demo Skill

I’ve always had a problem with so many modern alternate worlds, they don’t even try to hide how blatantly they ripped so many tropes out of it The cliche of bog-standard RPGs is that they always seem to forget that what works well in one medium doesn’t necessarily translate to another. This week’s

Campfire Cooking is A perfect example. It’s titled “Growth from Nothing” but that’s a bit of a misnomer since the entire episode is an extremely detailed look at

Where did the growth of Mukohda and Sui come from. First, Mukohda orders some of his Japanese takeout to boost his stats. He and his monster sidekick then spend the better part of 20 minutes hanging out in an unassuming cave dungeon so they can kill nameless hordes of slimes and kobolds until they gain a certain level.

In other words, it is any The exact same low-level dungeon crawling grind session that RPG lovers know is the most basic basic setup in the early days of almost any classic-style JRPG or what have you. The problem is, all the things that make this experience engaging — dungeon exploration, inventory management, and combat strategy — only work when Funny you are the the one who did it. When you remove all the interactivity and agency (aka the “game” part of the RPG acronym), there isn’t much experience for passive viewers to grab. No stakes, plot, meaningful world-building, or character conflict. Based on the fact that the subgenre is still around after all these years, there’s clearly a market for this kind of stuff, but I’m totally out of that camp.

Thankfully, in this case

Campfire Cooking, we have at least An interesting cast of characters who can bounce off each other as they go about all these aimless grinds makes this episode at least a bit more tedious than it would otherwise be. Mukohda’s cowardice was nothing if not the source of Fel’s prolific dunks, and interestingly, Sui proved to be a bloodthirsty little killer. The action in this show has always been sub-par, but the point where Sui literally dissolves Kobold into a pool of blood and guts made me laugh out loud.

Sui He’s Mukohda This week also saw Baby Slime evolve from her baby form, which means she can now communicate verbally! I don’t know “literally Meng blob baby slime thing” is something I’d add to the cast if I were in charge, but I don’t deny that Sui is still very cute, especially when she calls Fel her “uncle”. The episode was also saved when it finally made it to a major cooking sequence this week, if only because I’m a

oyakodon sucker . Will this show continue to narrowly win me over with its cute banter and pandering to food porn? If I’m being honest, yes it probably will, at least for a few more weeks. I can already feel my ADHD screaming louder and louder as time goes on looking for some novel storylines and interesting new characters. Still, if there’s one thing that can overcome my brain’s insane reliance on serotonin, it’s my insane reliance on Japanese food.


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