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Maki Minami's new manga launches on October 28

This October issue Baiquan Club

of magazine revealed on Friday that Nan Maki new manga

Hisureba, Hana (If You Keep It Secret, Flower) will be published in the next October issue of the magazine25. It will debut with color pages.

The comic is a survival story about the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. A beautiful actress has a secret she can’t tell anyone.

Nanhe Luochuan Marimo each released a new manga in as part of the magazine Part of the anniversary.

Minami started her

manga series by Hakusensha (right picture) ) ) magazine was in 445 and ended the series in December 600 . Viz Media released the fifth and final volume in September 2016. Minami ends her in the same magazine of 2014 comics. Viz Media published a series with the title

and released and last volume of August 2008. Viz Media also published Minami’s

SA () Comics North America.

TV animation that inspired Series Sentai Filmworks released in North America.

Source: October issue




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