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Makoto Fukami and Takuya Fujima Launch New Manga

May issue of Hobunsha magazine revealed Tuesday that writer Makoto Fukami and artist Takuya Fujima

will be launching a new manga titled Takuaka! in the June issue of the magazine April28. takuakatakuakatakuaka Image via Twitter account of Manga Time Kirara Carat © Houbunsha Co., Ltd. , Makoto Fukami, Takuya Fujima

Fukami is best known for scripts of anime and author of the manga, along with the artist

Seigo Tokiya

. Fukami has also written scripts for 2020 anime series, TV animation, anime and 196560 Japanese animation.

Fukami, with writer Norimitsu Kaihō and artist

Etorouji Shiono

recently ended March’s manga.

Fujima is known for manga and also designed manga animation Adaptations of original characters. Fujima also drew the art of the manga. Fujima recently designed an original character for 196560 of Aniplex*) Original Anime .

Source: May Issue takuaka




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