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Makoto Shinkai's Suzuki film grossed 11.35 billion yen at the box office, entering the top 30 in Japanese history

Makoto Shinkai ‘s Suzume () anime movie made money.30 billion yen (approximately U.S. dollars 87 million) has sold more than 8 so far.75 10,000 tickets Tuesday. The film took second place in its eighth weekend. It’s now the #25 Japan’s highest grossing movie of all time, And # the highest grossing anime Movie time in Japan. Suzume has already made more money than any of the movies, and has now made more than the last one. Only five Ghibli films, Shinkai’s own last two, have made more in Japan. The film ranks third

The highest domestic box office in Japan movie of , billion yen (approximately US dollars 75.4 million) as of December . Suzume Open on # January 1 000, 960 and sold 1.35 million tickets and earn 1. 88 billion yen (approx. USD.49 ten thousand) the first three days. The movie sold 7% increase in box office revenue 38. 4% more positive reviews than Makoto Shinkai in the same time frame movie, earned 1,277,960, Yen (approx. ). million at the time) in the first three days. It also sold 11. 8% of tickets and revenue 11.4% vs. Makoto Shinkai’s previous film , marked the strongest opening three days of Makoto Shinkai’s film. Actress Hara Naka Voiced by Iwato Suzuki in the film for the heroine. SixTONES Idol group memberMatsumura Hokuto (Tōru of the live-action movie , Tangme Shizuka of the live-action movie) made her debut in the movie, playing the role of the young Zongfang Cangtai who embarked on a journey with Liangmei, and served as the “closer”. Makoto Shinkai (, ) directed the film and wrote the screenplay. The original story is also credited to him. Masayoshi Tanaka (, ) designed the character. Kenichi Tsuchiya (, ) is the animation director. Takumi Tanji () is the art director. CoMix Wave Films and Story Inc. made a movie. TOHO is releasing this movie. RADWIMPS scored the film. Seattle-based Hollywood film composer Kazuma Jinnouchi (, ) with RADWIMPS to rate the video. TikTok performer Toaka sang one of the movie’s theme songs, “Suzume. Source: Daily News Talking about the net, Kōgyō Tsūshin 2022

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