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Man arrested for threatening comic book market

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a 14- An unemployed 1-year-old named Haruto Yomogita from Aoba sent an email threatening that if the manga market (Comiket) 97 The event in Tokyo has not been cancelled. He also obstructed the work of the police through threats. The suspect has remained silent.

According to the police, the Tokyo government had previously received multiple threatening emails from a man with the same name as Yomogita, demanding that Japan Therefore, the funeral of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been cancelled. Police are investigating. Abe was shot and killed while delivering a speech in the city of Nara on July 8.

Comiket 85 Happened in August 13-000. It starts at : 14 instead of the usual : 00 morning

Comics Market 97 drew about 170, 00 0 people both days due to the current COVID-, the organizer limited the number of attendees case. Only about 30, 000 Allow 0 attendees per day, only approx 13, 0 circles (collaborative creative groups) are allowed to participate per day.

Source: TBS News via Hachima Kik®̄



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