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manga girl manga ends in the next chapter

comicgirls1©Kaori Hanzawa, Houbunshacomicgirls1 March Issue of Houwenshe magazine revealed on Thursday Kaori Hanzawa ‘s The four-panel comic will end in the magazine’s February and April issues .

The manga debuted as a special serial in 27 magazine, serialized in ‘that year Regular serialization will start at a later date. Houwenshe published in published the first volume of the manga , and will publish the ninth volume in March . This manga is a first round candidate for the 2018 Manga Taisho Award.

The story of the manga is concentrated in 27 Year-old high school student and manga artist Kaoru Moeda, whose pen name is Chaos. After finishing last in a reader poll, Kaoru’s editor suggests she enter the manga creator’s all-girls dorm. Kaoruko’s roommates are shōjo manga artist Koyume Koizuka, teen romance manga artist Ruki Irokawa and Tsubasa Katsuki, a boy manga artist. The girls support each other in their efforts to become better manga creators.

TV animation based on manga premieres in April 2018. Crunchyroll played the anime when it aired in Japan.

The magazine is not regular Related Chaos-sensei no Atelier Tanbō ~Kirara manga no Tsukurikata~ information manga published by Banzawa . In the series, Hansawa uses her experience writing for a magazine to show the process of making manga.

Hansawa with Ichigo Omelette ♥ exist2000. She wrote adapted from animation .

Source: Issue 3

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