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Manga Planet licenses Inside God's Arms – A room full of love, more manga

51htmjrc8xl©Mizang Maotian, Liberty, Fat Cat 51htmjrc8xlManga Planet announced its boys love Tagfutekiya License Acquired from Fat Cat’s comics. The company is also awarded Tadashi Manabe’s

  • Sugar Dating and Kazuma Ichihara of This Woman’s Body is from the Tells Lies adult comic by Rush.

    Additionally, the platform has been acquired from Funguild Manga license:

  • I Won’t Get Married by Ichiko Takechi

  • I had an affair while being hugged by my husband by Rui Ichikizaki
  • Love Proof – Marrying a man with zero chemistry Is it possible? Author: Kodachi
  • Touch me the right way by Aoha Shancang Woman Who Wrecks the Office ー I Just Want to Be Happy by Chiaki Mase
  • Boss, how about having an affair?
  • Crazy Love Triangle Author Mizue
  • Happy Family Tokei Shisei / Aonuma
  • New Normal by Akito Aihara
  • Scabiosa by Kurumi Mizuki

  • So overwhelmed my boss is in love by Hazuki Minamino
  • Marrying a trash~ Will this marriage work? ~ by Toma Huji
  • I want my demon boss to blush! Yuki Komachi
  • ROOMMATES~ROOMmates x roomMATES~ by Yumemitsuki

  • Sexual Liberation: To Each Their Own Form of Love by Alt Hanakage
  • Shuya is my roommate
  • Ten Amanatsu Hinata Kage no Koi by Chinami Akio

  • Leah’s Revenge ~ The Girl Who Lost All Vows to Death by Nagi Mashiro The company also announced the acquisition of Comic title from Mobile Media Research. 282 A full list of mobile media research titles can be found at Find the blog of Manga Planet . These licenses include Adult, Boy Love , Teen Love and Romance from the following authors Titles such as Jagiiwa, Fumito, and Suzuma Tsugumi.

    Comic Planet and futekiya manga subscription service is merging their library into one service under 51htmjrc8xl Manga Planet Spring Brand 51.该公司将在夏季为新的组合服务推出Android 和iOS 应用程序2023。

    Source: Press Release (Link 2) (Link 3 ) , Manga Planet‘s website




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