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Manga UP! Global Adds Kei Sanbe’s Reto the Protector, 2 More Manga

Image courtesy of Manga Up! Global

Square Enix‘s Manga UP! Global service added the following three manga in English in the last few days:

  • Ede Akizawa and Hajime Kirino‘s () manga on Friday.
  • Kei Sanbe‘s () manga on Saturday.
  • Kōhei Kaga‘s () manga on Sunday.

Akizawa and Kirino launched in Square Enix‘s app in November 2021. describes the manga:

Sylph Biebel, the duke’s daughter, has just suffered a sinister plot by a friend resulting in her engagement to the prince being called off and her own banishment! But she’s not just sent anywhere—she gets exiled to a kingdom where an infamous monster resides. Will her quick wit win this king’s favor as she begins a new life as a librarian in a mysterious land?

Square Enix shipped the third compiled volume of the manga on February 7 and will ship the fourth compiled volume on October 6.

Image courtesy of Manga Up! Global

Sanbe launched in Square Enix‘s magazine on March 25. describes the manga:

Clad in a blood-soaked coat and with no destination in mind, a young boy named Reto wanders into an Ainu village amidst a blizzard, whose residents provide him with much-needed shelter. All he has are two things: the memory of his mother dying before his eyes, and an ancient hunting knife without a blade…

Image courtesy of Manga Up! Global

Kaga launched in Square Enix‘s magazine on March 3. The first volume will ship on November 25. describes the manga:

A beautiful gal professes her affection to her naïve schoolmate in daring ways that are sure to shock you in this youthful romantic comedy!

Bonsuke Hirano, an exceptionally ordinary high school boy, returns to his homeroom after school to pick something up, only to find the school’s number-one serene beauty, Kokuru Goinda, fidgeting around in his desk…

“Huh? Does she…like me? Wait, maybe not?”

A young man’s naivety meets the full force of a gal’s allure in this tantalizing tale of teen love!

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