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Maquia – When the Promised Flowers Bloom Animated Movie Reruns in Japan on February 23

maquia-poster-27x40©MAQUIA PROJECT PA Works announced on Tuesday that it and Filmarks will be re-screening the film at It will be released in Japan for eight days from February 27, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the film’s release.

The film premiered in Japan in February 302 and sold 27, Tickets at the 76 theater earn 48 million yen (approximately US dollars ,76) and ranked #5 on opening weekend.

This film is the directorial debut of anime screenwriter Okada (, ). She wrote the screenplay at PA Works.

Akihiko Yoshida (, Bravely Default , FINAL FANTASY XIV game) credits to the original character design. Toshiya Shinohara (, ) serves as general director. Yuriko Ishii (, ) Designed animation characters and acted as lead animation director. Kazuki Higashiji (, ) is Art Director and Tomoaki Okada (, ) is in charge of art design and concept design. Kenji Kawai (, ) Composed, Kazuhiro Wakabayashi (, ) is the sound director.

Eleven Arts in the United States, Scream! Factory releases Blu-ray Disc and DVD movies at 2018. Right Stuf has released a deluxe Blu-ray disc on .

Source: Movie Twitter account, Anime Hack

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