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Marc Jacobs' Fall 2023 Hairstyles Are a Nod to Blade Runner

Marc Jacobs Fall 2023 Fashion Show attendees took (far) less than usual to document and add to the evening’s storytelling A beautiful reference to the book – this is intentional, of course. Luckily for us, the split-centre, fried-and-curled chops—the work of hairstylist Duffy—shouted their message loudly, in keeping with the fast-paced format of the show.

As Nicole Phelps of Vogue Runway magazine wrote in her review As pointed out in , a bunch of billowing shags from Jacobs’ – reminiscent of 1982 The ever-iconic Blade Runner runway , or more specifically the replica Preece, by Darryl Hannah (Daryl Hannah) plays. Rather than a simple nod to the future imagined by “80”, though, the hair is combined with the show’s expedited format and AI-written show notes (thanks Chat GPT!) The era of hypothetical replicants and blink-and-you-miss creative communication has arrived.

Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner, Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros./Everett Collection80




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