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Marc Jacobs Party Paradise is a tribute to '90s rave culture

“Are you still going to heaven?” a friend asked me Saturday night as I put on my best Bushwick (Telfar durag, Luar top, Eckhaus Latta jeans). I replied, “I think the Vatican is still debating this.”

Of course, she’s not talking about where the HIM micromanagement is, but the NYFW wrath being thrown by Marc Jacobs and Heaven from retail giant Dover Street Market’s ‘ carnival clothing line. The late night feast takes place at Brooklyn’s famous Elsewhere venue, which sits on the border of Bushwick and East Williamsburg, and sells Red Bull Vodka for $28. The lineup includes Doja Cat, Charlie XCX, Pinkpantheress and Kaytranada. Naturally, an event featuring some of pop’s best minds was destined to be leaked — an invitation to walk around on TikTok.

Result: A party that started at In the afternoon, in the middle of the night, it was overcrowded, hundreds of people in their twenties People lined up outside, hoping to get in. “We don’t have tickets, but we’ll figure out a way to get in,” one person told me. They had heard about the party on social media.

INSIDE: Grunge and rave style conforming to “90 The scene of Heaven by Marc Jacobs has been captured brilliantly since its launch at 2020. I spoke to a guy with a very Y2K style haircut and his shocking The redhead stood up like Sonic the Hedgehog. “A lot of gel,” he explained of the creative process. “I didn’t actually know what I was doing because it was the first time I’d worn something like this, but I just grabbed Just a few pieces of hair did it. “

Outside the smoking area, a well-dressed boy and girl came in because “My brother My girlfriend put us on the list because she was out of town”, the girl told me. She was wearing chunky Prada boots, her friend, at Devil Wears Prada looks a lot like Adrian Grenier in a Rick Owens tank top and furry Margiela boots. Are they in fashion considering they wear such expensive and coveted pieces World work? No.

After midnight, Charli XCX took to the stage to sing her hits “Vroom Vroom” and “Boys,” declaring at one point, “I’m drunk right now.

As Pinkpantheress gleefully sang Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” chorus, Pinkpantheress’s performance continued to exude a casual and fun energy. “New York in many ways Like London,” she said into the microphone. Some of the boys made a mosh-pit for the ultra-pop singer’s song “Just for Me.”

Then Doja Cat performed. On the dance floor Packed. There were some technical difficulties – according to Doja, her team went the wrong way. “I should have checked, I’m sorry,” she shot from a bottle of Jameson to pass the time She decided to “get out of here,” with the closing performance of her favorite hit “Get Into It (Yuh,)” and the audience tapped every word. “Fuck off,” she said, walking off the stage .

DJs are spinning again, and A-list names like Madonna and Jared Leto are on.

Outside, socializing Media star Ricky Thompson chats with fans, shows off his Heron Preston pants and sheer slip dress, and announces he’s going to his next party. Long queues outside halal and taco trucks. Hundreds – no invites , found the party on TikTok – still waiting outside, hopeful.

The next day, someone uploaded a TikTok party about sneaking in.





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