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Maren Morris on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' on Country Music's Treatment of the LGBTQ Community: 'I'm Sorry'

Maren Morris is thrilled to realize a ” decade long dream ” at RuPaul’s Drag Race .

The country star appeared on Friday’s episode and tweeted that night: “I did some cool s-. #DragRace is fighting it . put my jacket next to my Grammys. Done.”

In a later episode Untucked

Morris gets teary-eyed as she says her heart out


Country Music and its relationship to LGBTQ+ members, I just want to say sorry,” Morris said. “I love you guys because you guys make me feel like the brave voice of country music. So I’m so thankful you guys inspire me.”

“I’m gonna cry, ’ she admitted.

In August, Morris showed her ally when she shouted out Jason Aldean’s “unapologetic conservative” wife Brittany on her Instagram account Spread harmful anti-trans misinformation online. When Brittany called gender-affirming care of minors “one of the worst sins,” Morris and Cassadee Pope chimed in to comment, with Morris calling Aldean a “riot barbie” and telling her to “stop being a scumbag.” ’

When Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Morris’s comments “crazy,” the singer made a “Crazy Country Musician” emblazoned on it. T-shirts, later donated over $14, proceeds to GLAAD’s transgender media program and Transgender Lifeline.

In November, Morris spoke out against Candace Cameron Bure’s planned content on her new network, Great American Family “Keeping the Heart of Traditional Marriage” in. Morris commented “make DJ gay again”, referring to Bure’s most famous role as DJ Tanner on Full House


“We love an ally! Thank you so much @marenmorris for stopping by #Untucked to support our Queens with this heartfelt message,” official Rupaul’s Drag Race Instagram account Saturday (January).

Watch Morris’s Untucked Clip below.


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