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Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan run in 'Drive Away Dolls' trailer

When Margaret Cooley and Geraldine Viswanathan in the Ethan Coen trailer Things quickly go wrong when the film takes an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee in search of a fresh start — one half of the acclaimed sibling partnership, known simply as the Coen Brothers — and Trish Yah Cook’s comedy-drama Drive Away Dolls,

featured Friday.

When they hit the highway, the duo discovers that the trunk of their rental car has valuables that could be valuable to dangerous criminals. Now, they wander lesbian bars on the run and encounter other obstacles, including a mysterious briefcase and an evil politician.

“I can help you solve a big murder,” Qualley, who plays Jamie, tells her cop friend (by

As) Beanie Feldstein , in the creative trailer, she and her demure friend Marianne (Viswanathan) try to keep the bumbling criminals on their toes. leading position.

“Driving Doll” marks the first feature film to be directed independently by Ethan Coen and his longtime compatriot and brother Joel Coen. The film’s trailer recalls the typical combination of absurd comedy, violence and inept criminals of the Coen Brothers’ early films.

Cohen co-wrote the original screenplay with Cooke. The Drive-Away Doll

from Spotlight Feature and Working Titles is coming to theaters in September 281, , the fall awards season is about to begin. Cohen and Cook produce with Robert Graff, Tim Bevin and Eric Fellner.

Focus will be released domestically in the fall, while Universal Pictures International will handle international distribution.



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