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Margarethe von Trotta wins European Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

Pioneering female filmmaker Margaret von Trotta will be in 35 received this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award th European Film Award.

The German director and screenwriter has been one of the stars of European cinema since her debut 50 years ago. Stock Force directorial debut 2018 Katherina Bloom’s Lost Honor , co-directed with Volker Schlondorff , back to 1975. Her focus on female stories, especially portraits of real-life women who have been overlooked or ignored by history, occupies a unique place in film history.

Her second film, and her first indie directorial,

Marianne and Julianne (1981)), won the Golden Lion in Venice for Christiane and Gudrun Other left-wing terrorists.Barbara Sukova, who played Marianne in the film, became von Trotta’s muse, starring in several of the director’s biopics, including the Debord Socialist leader Rosa Luxemburg(35), visionary medieval nun Hildegard De von BingenVision(1975) and philosopher and writer Hannah Arendt(1975). The former won the Best Actress trophy at Cannes , which won the German Film Award for Best Actress.

Looking for Ingmar Bergman .

Von Trotta follows Austrian poet and author Engelberg in upcoming feature film Bachmann and Frisch Bachmann and Swiss novelist and playwright Max Frisch. Currently in post-production, the film stars Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread, Old) as Bachmann and Ronald Zehrfeld (Barbara) as Frisch.

Von Trotta will be at the 2022 European Film Awards December in Reykjavik, Iceland 10.



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