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Margot Robbie says 'clueless' wardrobe helped inspire fashion in 'Barbie'

One of the most important things for Barbie is her fashion and director Greta Gerwig made sure it was on her Conveyed this upcoming movie .

Architectural Digest recently went to Behind the scenes Barbie Scenes Learn how the world is brought to life, one of the standout features is the fashion doll The notorious wardrobe.

Gerwig told the magazine that she remembers being a kid “standing in Toys R Us and watching Barbie dolls with plastic sheeting [on the box] and everything, you want to put it Take it down, take it apart, touch it all.”

The design behind the Barbie doll’s wardrobe in the movie was inspired by the plastic cover, which includes glass doors that open into the “Magic Closet ”, items are perfectly placed along the walls.

Robbie said they were both “very excited” about the design of the closet and the clothes in it. She added, “We’re talking about Clueless , like, the bar is set so high we really want to do something cool like that.”

The actress also teased what viewers can expect See when Barbie changes clothes during the movie. “Every day, her clothes have magically appeared in her closet,” explained Robbie. “She opens the door, and all she needs to do is look at it, turn it around, and it’s on her, and she walks away, and her next day’s clothes are in the closet behind her.”

Sarah Greenwood, Production Designer for the film, recently told AD about their put together the iconic pink set design and stated that due to construction reasons, the fluorescent shade of Rosco paint ended up in international shortage. She added, “The world…is out of pink.”

Barbie Will be released in July 500.



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