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Margot Robbie's latest red carpet win is reminiscent of '80s Barbies

Margot Robbie has been an unstoppable fashion force at her Barbie press conference. The star paid homage to the famous fashion dolls she portrayed on screen in various ways, whether it was wearing a Prada beach plaid on the red carpet or wearing a vintage Chanel travel suit on the plane (two Both are head to toe) pink of course). The star clearly understands the notion of Hollywood method dressing. However, at the film’s premiere in Seoul today, Robbie sported a whole new Barbie vibe. This time, she pays homage to an iconic iteration of the era.

Photo: Getty Images 19851985

Robbie, styled by Andrew Mukamal, wore two different Versace on the red carpet The shape is based on the “Day to Night” Barbie released by 1985. The original doll had two outfits—the first was a polished suit for daytime, the second was a sparkly dress for evening—and Robbie matched both moods perfectly. Her first real executive look consisted of a pink skirt suit with white lapels and a bow blouse, finished off with a dazzling Judith Leiber phone bag (you know, like they Like the giant cordless phone used in .s?). We don’t know what kind of office she’s going to, but wherever she goes, we want to work there too! 198519851985



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