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Margot Robbie's Two-Tone Nails Are Perfect for Summer

Talk about commitment to a topic. Margot Robbie rocks a never-ending array of perfectly pink, Barbie looks on the media tour for her new film ‘Barbie

,’ she Plays the iconic Mattel doll in the film. While the idea of ​​everything being pink might feel like too much for even the girliest of girls, somehow Robbie pulled it off with aplomb.

and vintage hair inspiration The star wore vintage Barbie dolls of yesteryear in a pink suit, two-piece, chain mail, and – lest we forget – pink eyeshadow and The most rosy blush ever. But, arguably, the chicest detail of her all-pink crusade was a pink two-tone French manicure, which she wore to the film’s premiere in Seoul, South Korea.

Photo: Getty Images



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