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Marilyn Manson accuser Ashley Smithling denies sexual abuse allegations

Marilyn Manson Plaintiff Ashley Morgan Smithline has withdrawn her sexual abuse allegations against the musician.

In a Los Angeles Superior Court filing, Smithlane said she was killed by actress and former Manson fiancée Evan Rachel Wood and others to accuse Manson of sexual and physical abuse. “I bowed to pressure from Evan Rachel Wood and her associates to press charges of rape and assault against [Manson], which was not the case,” she said in a February news release. 10

Statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

State that Manson sued Wood and Ilmagor as part of the lawsuit, which Smithline & Co. filed against Manson a month earlier Another lawsuit was dismissed. Smithlin told the court she had a “brief, consensual sexual relationship” with Brian Warner in November 2009, who also Known as Marilyn Manson.

But a decade later, Smithline said she was contacted to join a group of women who accused Manson of sexual abuse after having sex with the rock singer, including with “many conversations” with the woman. Actor Wood.

“I never intended to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Warner and do not intend to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Warner because Mr. Warner never attacked or abused me,” Smithlin wrote. “In retrospect, I feel that I was manipulated by Ms. Wood, Ms. Gore, Ms. [Esmé] Bianco and Mr. Ellwanger to publicly spread false allegations against Mr. Warner.”

Gore and Bianco is embroiled in a lawsuit against the singer over allegations of sexual abuse. Manson has denied the allegations against him , which saw Smithline’s lawsuit dismissed after she missed the filing deadline.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is still considering to file criminal charges for alleged sexual offenses that occurred between in West Hollywood. Since the statute of limitations for rape in California is 10 years, it may be too late to file criminal charges against Manson.

A representative for Wood could not comment on Smithline’s statement.



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