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Marin Miller will no longer appear in “Honor of Kings: Treasure Chest of Valor Anime”

©Toka Kussuke・KADOKAWA Magazine / アニミ “Wang Ji Lan King Courage の Treasure Box” Production Committee Voice actor Marin Miller (Izanami in ) said in a Twitter thread on Saturday that they will not Will be at () Japanese animation. Miller said they turned down the role because they “didn’t want to lose [their] jobs in the future with these illegal, unenforceable clauses in their contracts.” Miller tweeted in June They’ll never be with Crunchyroll direct again,” adding that the company “recently tried to get [them] to sign a contract that would contain these unenforceable clauses that they had Use these terms to intimidate cast and crew and deny AI protections.” Miller says they generally don’t repeat their Crunchyroll Role.

premiered in April , and Crunchyroll Start playing English

dub April animation . anime premieres in October2020 and ran two consecutive course( Quarter of year) . animation and Crunchyroll shows the anime aired in Japan, with an English dub.

Voice actor Laura Post announced on Twitter earlier this month that a Korean creator ‘s mobile game burns ‘s manhwa

Revenge of English actors without a TV anime adaptation. She claimed that Crunchyroll prevented actors from auditioning for roles. According to the Post, the game developer “contacted the studio to start recording the English localization [and] CR contacted the client directly and told them they ‘had the voiceprints of the original actors,'” and “they went on to say that the video game client legally Can’t use any of the actors in the game in *anycapacity. Not even new or different characters than the ones we originally played. We can’t even *audit fornew or different characters. We’re blacklisted,” the post reads TaoCrunchyroll does not have a voiceprint. Crunchyroll co-produced 450 anime series as its “ Crunchyroll Original show in collaboration with Naver Webtoon.

Source: Twitter account of Marin Miller (Link 2)




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