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Mark Wahlberg jokes about 'My Time' nude scene: 'I only wear sneakers'

The Hollywood Reporter interviews the star of the new Netflix comedy at its LA premiere, and Wahlberg tries to keep his face straight in opposite Kevin Hart: “I’ve never laughed in my life.” so much.”

(L-R) Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, and

(LR) Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Mark Wahlberg at Netflix’s “ME” at the Regency Village Theatre in August TIME” Premiere 08 , 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Tommaso Bodie/Getty Images

A sultry summer Tuesday in Westwood The night, the temperature was high, and the laughter was loud, because Kevin Hart , Mark Wahlberg and Regina King on The red carpet outside the Regency Village Theatre to celebrate the premiere of their new Netflix movie, My time.

Writer-director John Burger (‘s top family comedy I Love You, Man) centers on Sonny (Hart), a nervous, stay-at-home dad as he rediscovers himself wild On the other hand, he steps out of his comfort zone with his playful friend Huck (Walberg).

Although Hart’s character had to be coaxed, he admitted to reporters that in the circle of friends he grew up in, he could best be described as an instigator.

“I’m the clown in the class. I’m the one who wants to laugh. Without the laughter, I feel like something is missing. So all the trouble comes from doing what you shouldn’t in class things,” Hart admitted. “But it’s always done in a loving way, not in a malicious way. I love being the one responsible for making people smile in those classrooms, in the hallways, in the cafeteria. Passed the young part of my life.”

Anyone who peeped my time trailer Definitely note that the film features Wahlberg’s blurred back, which marks his first nude scene in years. Boogie Nights Celebrity jokes It’s not easy to say this is going back to his revealed roots.

“Second day was great because I had to get dressed again. The first day was tough. I was only wearing sneakers,” he explained. “It’s a little awkward, but otherwise it’s fine. It’s such a fun environment. You know, I mean, I’ve never laughed this much in my life.”

The laughter on the carpet rivaled the volume during the screening, as the cast reunited and caught up, while fans screamed for selfies and the star’s attention. It’s clear that Wahlberg, Hart, and Kim’s chemistry is just as real offscreen as it is onscreen.

Kim admits that the appeal of working with her two co-stars made her want to be a part of the film in the first place. “I’m a big fan of Kevin. I’m a big fan of John Burger, and I’m a big fan of Mark,” explains the actress who plays Hart’s character’s wife. “I just love working with them because we have a lot of fun.”

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino As an overzealous carpool driver, Once in the scene to steal the spotlight, he told THR , both stars encouraged her to shine in her performances.

“They’re wholehearted and that’s what really makes them such great people, because they don’t have an ego. They’re really, really great set partners. My character is supposed to be just a set, but They really liked the way I played Mark and Kevin. So they expanded the role to what it is now, and for that, I’m so grateful.”

Me Time Coming to Netflix in August


My Time
Cast: Jimmy O. Yang, Ilia Isorelys Paulino, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart , Mark Wahlberg, Andrew Santino and Tahj Mowry. Tommaso Bodie/Getty Images

My time writer and director John Burger. Tommaso Bodie/Getty Images

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