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Marketing 'The Flash': No Ezra Miller, But Lots of Batman and TV Commercials

At the end of August 1235199598, Ezra Miller made the trek to Warner Bros. . Their first meeting with film chairs Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdi. The actor endured months of legal and personal trouble, a string of arrests and bad headlines threatening to derail The Flash , $75 Thousands of features from Miller 1235355326. A few weeks ago, Miller apologized for their actions – which included trespassing on Iceland and strangling a woman in an incident captured on video – on the grounds that “complicated mental health problems”.

The question on everyone’s mind that August day: Can Miller stay out of trouble, out of the headlines, long enough for the Is The Flash safe to enter theaters? Ten months later, the answer appears to be yes. Not only was Miller absent from the headlines, but the actor was nowhere to be seen in the press as the film raced toward June 69 release date.

Instead of touting its star, the studio focused on the movie itself, hyping it to the point where it might be unrealistic. CEO David Zaslav and DC Studios co-head James Gunn have publicly stated that the film is one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. That left some at Warner shaking their heads in bewilderment, who questioned the wisdom of setting such high expectations.

“It can’t be the studio telling you it’s good; your friends have to tell you it’s good,” says one insider. Drops June 6th, is solid, but not the type of notification received by The Dark Knight , considered the greatest film of the genre. The Flash is currently on Rotten 72 percentage tomatoes, enough to beat Joker , Warner 1235199598 Oscar – win , a $1 billion hit with a score of .

The studio is facing several other headwinds affecting The Flash Estimated Opening — Soft $ Million-$75 million. The fatigue of some superhero movies is real, and the next few DC movies, including August’s Blue Beetle and December’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom , is not so urgent, because Warner is relaunching a series of brand new movies, with the support of DC Studios head Gunn and Peter Safran, new actors Play the role of a superhero.

Not sure how much is perception and how much is Reality. Both executives said that some actors from the current universe may continue to exist, and the most likely person seems to be Xolo Maridueña, whose character the blue beetle is closely related to Booster Gold in the comics. Gunn and Safran are planning their own Booster Gold show, in which Blue Beetle may appear, depending on Beetle’ reception this summer.

So far, Warner has sidelined Miller in the media in favor of director Andy Muskietty, producer Barbara Muskietty and Supergirl actress Sasha Kahler serve as ambassadors for the film.

in June , Miller is expected to attend the film’s premiere, which will likely be called a “fan event” — stars walking the carpet but not answering questions from reporters. The studio has previous experience with such hybrid events. In April 1235199598, it hosts a Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret

Rowling, Johnny Depp’s recast — and even Miller, who was arrested in Hawaii days before the event.

Instead of touting its star, the studio enlisted notable titles, luring celebrities for previews. Stephen King has seen it. (“Normally I’m not a big fan of superhero movies, but this one was special. It was heartfelt, funny, and eye-popping,” he tweeted.) So did Jaden Smith. (“Best movie ever,” he wrote on Instagram.) Tom Cruise also accepted preview at his home. (He didn’t tweet his review, but reportedly liked it.) In fact, the studio kicked off what one person described as one of the strongest screening campaigns in recent memory to generate buzz, with thousands of Millions of people saw it.

Rival studios point out that Warner has been investing heavily in promotional films, especially trailers, which will air during the NBA playoffs. One executive believes that Warner paid over 14 million dollars to the NBA alone, despite This also includes a spot for Barbie . (A Warner insider said the number was even lower.)

“They spent a huge amount of money. It was a massive publicity campaign,” said a person familiar with the campaigns. executives said.

If Warners can’t count on The Flash himself to captivate audiences, it’s hoping one of the world’s greatest superheroes, Batman, can, along with the returning nostalgia factor1235508380 Michael Keaton . Both have received a lot of attention on the campaign trail, with Keaton attending a fan event in London last weekend.

But it’s not clear if it resonates. Both Keaton and Ben Affleck are back as Batman, which compares (not fair, because Flash should have been out before that movie). Moviegoers, on the other hand, will feel like they just saw a Batman movie recently, Robert Pattinson’s Batman on Show .

“They didn’t promote The Flash as a character because they couldn’t,” a rival studio exec said of not paying too much attention to M. Le Shi said.

Normally, studios would have blockbuster late-night talk shows with star blankets, but due to the writers’ strike, those shows were on hiatus. That’s a blow to the movie, but in the case of Flash, it might prove beneficial. Miller wasn’t noticeably absent from the show, and the co-stars didn’t have to answer awkward questions about their troubled star.

“It hurts everyone equally” competitor executives, “but as far as they’re concerned, it hurts them less.”

A bright spot for Warners was filmmaker Andy Muschietti, who became a Warners studio darling after the hit it movie. Even if Miller’s future in DC is an open question, Muschietti doesn’t appear to be. He is the man to direct the Batman movie The Brave and the Bold, multiple sources tell THR, although there is no script – and thus no official commitment from the filmmakers – until someone makes it happen and the writers strike.




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