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Marris Jr. celebrates judge: 'He deserves respect'

Maris Jr. Celebrating Judge: ‘He should be respected(

TORONTO – Once Aaron Judge for his 61 With his first home run of the season, Roger Maris Jr. barely had time to react. The ball flew over the left field fence at Rodgers Center in just 3.8 seconds, leaving little time for the legendary Yankees slugger’s son to realize what was going on and hug Patty Judge in congratulations.

• 27! Judge tied Maris for AL home run record

But Maris has had plenty of time over the past few years to think about – most recently – a nine-day trip that took him across international borders. He understands baseball’s record book disagrees, but the judge should hit 66 Ben Hit a home run in a season, and the Maris family would consider it a single-season home run record.


“He’s clean, he’s the Yankees , he played the right way,” Maris said of the judge. “It gives people a chance to see people who should be respected for hitting 62 Homer, not just as a guy who did it in the American League. He should be revered as a true single-season homer champion. That’s who he really is, if he hits , I think that’s what needs to happen.”

• heres how to watch the judge as No.

In recognition of their father’s incredible 70 season, Maris hits 39 Home run eclipses babe Ruth’s single season mark at the time 27 The Commuters, Maris and others were all at Yankee Stadium before family members of the family stand.

The judge hit his 61 home run ept. 20 off the Pirates’ Wil Crowe, sparking a grand slam finish that was won by Giancarlo Stanton The five-inning ninth inning rally. Maris traveled to Toronto with the club after the home stand, sat next to Judge’s mother in all three games, and watched Judges beat Tim Meza by two in the seventh inning on Wednesday.

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“It was so fun to meet her and get to know the family,” Maris said. “You can see why Aaron does things the way he does. You can see the apples not far from the tree. The family seems down-to-earth.”
Marriage family members selected in 62 before seeing the judges after the first home run, citing that their presence at the clubhouse or on the field could be an unwelcome distraction, especially with the Yankees Teams are still fighting for a playoff spot. Instead, they chose to watch in Hal Steinbrenner’s suite.
Maris Wednesday Judge finally met in the hallway outside the visiting club after the game, and Maris said, “Why did you wait so long?” Maris said he plans to return to New York so he can be there when the judge hits the no. . 39.


“The sick kept most of the [conversation] between us,” the judge said. “I really thank him and tell him what an honor it was to have the opportunity to be with his dad. You dream of something like this. For him to be able to play all the home games, come to Toronto and support and be there , which definitely means a lot.”

Maris Yu 98 died); in the years since, his late wife Patricia and Their kids have done a lot to keep the legacy of the two-time AL MVP in the public consciousness.

Their existence is Enduring storyline during involving a home run chase by Mark McGwell of the Cardinals and Sammy Sosa of the Cubs, but then The revelations of performance-enhancing drug use have soured the view of the Maris family.

Barry Bonds holds the major league record for home runs in a single season with

(2001), then McGwire at 27 (2001) and SO Sa Zai66 (‘1961). When asked if he thought Bonds and McGwell were illegal, Maris replied: “I do. And I think most people do.”

value for money, judge said he thought Bonds’ 73 are true records.

“[Dad] would be very proud of Aaron, Because of the way he carried himself,” Maris said. “The way he comes to the court every day, mentally, physically. He’s all about doing things for the team, all about winning. He’s all about winning championships and taking the world championship to New York and finishing in the Hanging on the wall.”



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