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Marry Alternative Manga Artist Shiu Yoshijima, F— or Kill

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Anime Boston

A JAPAN People’s guest this year is illustrator and manga artist Shiu Yoshijima, who specializes in drawing cute but edgy “toxic” women, often incorporating fantasy elements into her work. Yoshijima participated in several live painting groups and accepted commissions at Artists Lane at Chaotic Harmony’s booth. Anime News Network spoke with Yoshijima one-on-one about some of her recent projects, artistic influences, and her personal tastes. Which cartoonists have influenced your style maximum? There are two artists in particular. One is Runrun Yamamoto, and the other is Mikio Igarashi , who wrote a paper called . His art style is a bit different than mine, but has a very cynical style that I draw inspiration from. What other media artists have influenced you ? In other media, for movies , I took a lot of inspiration from Tim Burton. In terms of music, there is a Japanese artist named Chihiro Izuka – I take a lot of inspiration from her music. You drew for the Godzilla puppet show Illustrator Godziban, you even got to design Biolanthe’s daughter Erika, who is of course a cute girl who also happens to be a plant monster. What’s it like to create your own new monster? When I design non-human characters, I There tends to be a feeling of melancholy that is unlikely to be human, so when I design a character like that, it tends to have a melancholic feel, a sad feeling, a melancholic feeling, almost as soon as I think about the character . Erica was working with the director, but even there, I had a sense of melancholy when I was designing her, a sombre feeling surrounding her. I see that you are also making tables recently You call Devil and Lolita . What can you tell us about this game? When I am Devil and Lolita I worked with a game designer… board games usually all ages It’s played by people of all ages, but this game in particular deals with some fetish themes, so I’m really interested in it being a hybrid of an “all ages” game, but with a slightly darker, slightly guilty side. This game involves collecting little girls, so I wanted people to experience the mix and feel the dark side of the board game. Is there any plan to translate your manga into English? Which work would you most like published in English and why? I don’t have anything translated into English yet work. There is a book published [in Japan] called Poison Yuri Anthology, which has One particular story I hope foreign fans will appreciate is about Reaper and the Nurse. If I were to choose a particular story to translate, I would choose that story. To illustrate the plot, this is a yuri manga about the love story between Shinigami and the nurse, and the Ironically, the Grim Reaper only visits the nurse’s place after someone has died. So there’s this somewhat ironic situation, a bit of a conflicted idea, because both Reaper and Nurse love each other, but because of Reaper’s nature, they can’t see each other appear if someone dies. Personally, I think it’s a very interesting story and one that I personally like, so I hope my foreign audience will like it too. Based on common themes in your art, I would like to You challenge the Marry, F— or Kill game. Your choices are centaur, mermaid and bunny girl. I might marry a centaur. Since you’ll be living with this person, I think having a centaur form of transportation would be very useful. If I want to kill, I might kill a mermaid, because it is said that if you kill a mermaid and get its meat, you can gain eternal life, so if I have a chance, I would like to try. The last option, I simply think bunny girls are cute, so if I had to have sex with them, I would probably choose a bunny girl.



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