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Martin Luther King Jr. Day: 7 Documentaries Worth Watching

Since many of us are in the US enjoying Martin Luther King Jr. holidays, it couldn’t be better to make a documentary on the occasion – specifically, a The question is whether it’s Sidney Lumet’s Academy Award-nominated film (released two years after King’s death), or Peter Kunhardt’s The latest entry into the genre focuses on the last three years of the civil rights icon’s life. Watch one of them (or all seven) to get inspired, then get out and change the world. As Dr. King famously said: “When you do the right thing, the time is always right.” Below, we recommend seven movies:



Directed by Sam Pollard (Citizen Ashe

a disturbing film work), MLK/FBI Dig into recently discovered and declassified documents, as well as a trove of restored material to reveal that King was targeted, spied on and harassed by the FBI (then led by J. Edgar Hoover) to discredit his powerful information.

How to watch: Stream on Hulu, Apple TV or YouTube.

King of the Wild (2018)



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