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Martin Scorsese and Daughter Francesca Take TikTok to the Super Bowl in New Ad Spot

Martin Scorsese and his daughter, Francesca, bring their beloved TikTok dynamic to the bigger screen in SquareSpace’s new Super Bowl campaign.

In the teaser, released Monday, the famed director attempts to build a website with his daughter’s help. Though he acknowledges he’s not an expert of science fiction, Marty tells Francesca he wants his new site to tell the story of “an intergalactic plea for connection.”

Francesca then teaches her dad how to build a domain name for his new digital frontier, and the duo cycles through font options for their homepage.

“I didn’t really know a website could do that,” Martin says. His daughter replies: “It’s basically not real if it’s not on the internet.”

Their back-and-forth mimics the style of the fan-favorite Scorseses TikToks, in which Francesca educates her father on youth culture and slang. The teaser ends with Martin telling Francesca that their new website “slaps.”

“I really regret ever teaching you that,” she says.

The remorse is all in jest, though — to Vanity Fair, Francesca said she doesn’t “have any regrets” teaching her father new words.

“Sometimes, he will use Gen-Z slang because he’s heard it, and it’s the funniest thing to me,” she said. “I feel like hearing your dad say, ‘Oh yeah, that slaps,’ or, ‘I’m so woke,’ or whatever, it’s just so cringy to me. It just makes me crack up. He is from a different generation, so it’s a little — I wouldn’t say embarrassing to hear him say it, but it’s funny because it feels like he is really trying to stay current with my generation and with me.”



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