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Marvel, DC are the last bastions of the mega payday

Actors Florence Pugh and Michael Keaton can still make seven figures per movie in an era where even A-list stars don’t get paid the way they used to. “If you want to get paid, you have to put on a cape,” said one dealmaker.

Florence Pugh, who will receive eight figures for her next two Marvel films, in Black Widow

Florence Pugh, the next two will get eight digital Marvel movies, Black Widow by Kevin Baker/Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. made $ ten years later Million First

The Avengers , wearing a superhero costume is still one of the last ways an actor earns important payday. With very few exceptions, even A+ stars aren’t doing what they used to be, as first-dollar gross deals and massive backends have become Hollywood legends.

And, more often than not, iconic characters like Spider-Man and Batman are seen by studios as more important and valuable than the famous movie stars who played them. A Veteran Marvel Star May Make Top Dollars While Wearing Costumes – Source Says It’s $12 Million to $ million, which is in line with Disney’s boasted payment method

Scarlett Johansson settled in their dispute over dates and dates Black Widow released. Florence Pugh in Black Widow was already nominated for an Oscar as Yelena Belova, who will be nominated for eight in the next two Marvel movies Numbers, including leading the villain-centric cast Thunderbolt , due in July , 2022. But that level of compensation rarely translates into other roles these actors play.

Superhero paydays vary by experience. The first-time superhero lead has remained in the mid-six-digit range for the past decade—and new directors of the Marvel or DC Universe will also get the mid-point in their first superhero movie. Six digits of digits. The cost of a sequel could soar to two to five times as much.

This means that a first-time Marvel director doesn’t get paid more than any other studio. “You’re doing this because you want to make a Marvel movie,” said one representative.

Meanwhile, others associated with the comics world don’t see near these numbers. anywhere. The plight of comic book writers and artists has surfaced over the past year, thanks to creators’ response to A paltry amount they have provided.

Devin Grayson, co-writer created Yelena Belova in the post ‘250s, made public with her salary in July, revealing that she only received 5 USD, promise $,450 for characters in Black Widow . (atTHR published a story featured her claim that Marvel agreed to pay the remaining $7, 250.)

TV shows cost even less than movie adaptations (comic writers and artists usually get the fees directly and with no residuals). Grayson only got $10 Every episode Hawkeye Starring Yelena, one of the co-creators of the CW show’s title character has yet to receive any payment for the series. They fear they may never be compensated because Warner Bros. found the merger complicated.

Writers and artists are often reluctant to create characters for Marvel or DC because they won’t be entitled to wealth if those characters become the face of a billion-dollar movie franchise. Many choose to go the indie publisher route (think: The Old Guard

or The Walking Dead ), they can make a more favorable deal in retaining intellectual property. Although the vast majority of indie comics don’t spark an enviable bidding war (according to sources, the average choice for such a book is $5, to $, scope), these creators maintain more control over their properties and can find other ways to make money from movies, such as being assigned to write screenplays.

While the genre has had its ups and downs, the past few years have shown that even stars who seem to have retired from bodysuits can be lured back into their Lurex fabrics. Michael Keaton , he relies on Birdman , from Batman Retirement Three characters: Upcoming Flash , Cameo Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (though it may have been abridged) and BatgirlFlorence Pugh, who will receive eight figures for her next two Marvel films, in Black Widow .

Keaton received $2 million for

Batgirl, $78 Warner Bros. Discovery’s eventual shelving of the Million movie, after about a week of work on it, was described by sources as a glorious cameo.

For Keaton, donning a bat suit might be the closest thing to a star’s life g like Bruce Wayne. One dealmaker said: “If you want to get paid, you have to put on a cape.”

politeMarvel Studios ; Courtesy of Sony Pictures; Rhythm & Hue/Universal Pictures

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